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New decade, fresh perspective: welcome to the Willow Salon blog


To mark its second incredible decade, Willow Salon is now officially embracing the blogosphere, and rounding out the social media superset that started with Facebook, expanded to Twitter, and then most recently to Instagram.

What exactly IS the blogosphere? Well, defines it like this:

blogosphere [blaw-guh-sfeer, blog-uh‐]

  1. noun, Informal.

the realm of Internet blogs and the people who read or write them.

A pretty straightforward definition, with two good takeaways:

  1. Blogs are informal.
  2. Blogs and the people who read or write them form the blogosphere.

That’s you, and that’s me – that’s us! Reading and writing blogs, informally speaking.

You know our website, and you know us through social media, but what if you wanted to get to know us even BETTER? Then you have most definitely come to the right place!

What can you expect?

We will be bringing you fresh content twice a week.

  • Look for a new post every Tuesday and Friday morning.
  • Or, subscribe to the blog and you’ll get a notification in your email when new posts are up (best option, in our opinion – you don’t want to miss ANYTHING!)
  • Grab your coffee (or morning beverage of choice) and tune in for the latest from Willow.

Get to know us… better!


The Willow Salon team is a dynamic, fashionable, and highly interesting bunch – but you already know this, of course!

Reading the blog will help you delve deeper into what moves and motivates us – beyond hair. Think of the blog as kind of an in-depth conversation with your stylist, about topics like these:


What’s happening at the salon.

  • Special events and promotions
  • Staff updates
  • General salon happenings and newsy tidbits!


Well, of course! It’s our specialty, after all.

  • Tips and trends
  • Care and styling
  • Creations and transformations by our amazing stylists
  • Product recommendations and staff favourites


Willow’s line of products.

  • Events
  • Product news
  • Special offers
  • Tips from industry pros


Go beyond hair for the latest looks and inspiration.

  • What’s on trend
  • What we are currently loving
  • Go-to styles and special event looks

conga line

WILLOW AFTER HOURS                              

Want to know what’s moving our team? Hint: it’s not JUST a conga line dance party…

Find out more about the Willow team and all our #HamOnt favourites.

  • Concerts and live music
  • Dining out
  • Travel and life events
  • Shopping and fashion
  • Festivals and weekend destinations

If this sounds like something you definitely want to be part of, subscribe to stay in the loop!

And once again, welcome! We’re really glad you’re here.

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