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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Flashing back and moving forward

It’s finally Friday, blog friends, and has this seemed like a particularly long week to you too? Well never mind, it’s nearly the weekend!   Think back. Do you remember waaaay back to this past Monday? Your Willow team does! Monday was the annual Aveda Walk for Water, and Willow participated, as we always do….

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Spring Cleaning? Let Us Help!

If we keep talking about spring things, the weather has to eventually cooperate, right? You know, spring things like baseball, patio season, cottage openings, gardening, and did we mention patio season? To be fair, we did just have a pretty nice weekend weather-wise, and we hope you enjoyed it!   As well as those lovely…

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Earth Day 2016 Roundup: Final Edition

Well it’s here, blog friends. After talking about it for almost the entire existence of this blog, it’s finally here. Happy Earth Day!   Yes, it’s officially Earth Day, 2016!    We certainly have been talking it up here on the blog and also in the salon itself. We’ve highlighted and chatted about our partnership…

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Picture? Perfect.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words   When you’re considering, or even when you’re completely ready for a new look, whether it’s a little update or a great big change, how do you bring your vision to your stylist? It can be daunting trying to explain to someone else what you can…

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A little Friday inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, so the saying goes. This holds true for writers, artists, musicians…but what about you style mavens – hair and otherwise? We would argue that it’s the same. You’ll see a colour that intrigues, a haircut that inspires, a technique you want to try, and what do you do?   Well, until recently,…

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Mother Nature vs Mother’s Day: Spring battle time!

Good morning, blog friends, and welcome back to the blog for this sunny and ALMOST springlike day! Let’s say “almost”, because you never can tell what Mother Nature might drop on us. Things have been a little bit weird lately in weather, but perhaps – just perhaps – we are actually on the road to…

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Friday feels: Colour!

It’s Friday, and what a week!   On Monday the Willow team had a day of colour education via the Aveda Full Spectrum Deep class. And, in true Willow Salon blog fashion, we want to tell you all about it!   One of the great things about the Willow team (and there are so many!)…

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Earth month roundup!

Good morning, blog friends, and welcome to…winter?! Well apparently not, but you wouldn’t know it today. No matter! We here at the Willow Salon blog are in a spring state of mind, in spite of what Mother Nature has thrown our way.   We are officially into the first week of April, and April is…

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Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to April! We are kicking off a brand new series here at the Willow Salon blog, to mark the first Friday of every month. It’s a little something we’re going to call the Friday Five.   Think of your awesome Willow team. Want to know what they’re up to on…

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