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A little Friday inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, so the saying goes. This holds true for writers, artists, musicians…but what about you style mavens – hair and otherwise? We would argue that it’s the same. You’ll see a colour that intrigues, a haircut that inspires, a technique you want to try, and what do you do?


Well, until recently, it was likely that you’d write it down, you know, make a note of it. Or maybe you’d tell someone…or, if you were without these means, you would possibly just plain forget it. Not very inspiring!




These days if you’re relatively tech-savvy, you probably have a smartphone or other device that holds a lot of information and can help you with this. If you’re really in the know, you may have stumbled across, or gone looking for, inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration and is designed especially for helping you find what moves, excites, and motivates you. You can create lots of different boards for lots of different subjects, and it’s a great way to see what others are doing in the area of style, fashion, decor, trends, hair, cocktails…well, you get the picture. Literally.




But what about trying something a bit more low-tech? Something that doesn’t have to be charged and recharged daily? How about a plain old bulletin board? Wait now, hear us out!


Before we go too much further, If you’re not sure what we mean by “inspiration board” here are a couple of links that can help: this one from Analogue Chic goes over a few different types, and The Art of Simple also does a good job explaining the concept.


Now, we did say plain old bulletin board, but there is NOTHING plain and/or old about  the inspiration boards we are about to share with you. And sure, Pinterest and all those techy apps are great, but if we’re honest, sometimes we just don’t want to be staring at our phones. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from looking up, looking around, and looking forward.


Enter the inspiration board which is an actual living thing! Ok not really, that’s weird, but it IS something that you can touch, change, be more hands-on with. Intrigued? We thought you might be.




There is no right way to design your inspiration board. Think of your personality to begin with – are you an organized “a place for everything and everything in its place” kind of person? Or are you a bit of a wild child – not necessarily DISorganized, but a bit more of a free spirit? An inspiration board can reflect that.


Do you like to plan seasonally? Does the arrival of spring change what you want to see on your board? Or will it be more long-term than that, a kind of inspiration through the years, no matter the season or the weather? It is completely and utterly up to you.




Just as there are no rules as to how your inspiration board should look, there are also no rules when it comes to getting started. Well, one rule: you need a place for it. Decide where you can best use some daily inspiration, and just begin.


There are some incredible examples in the links below, but remember, your inspiration board is just that – yours. And you are only limited by YOUR imagination and inspiration.


  • Apartment Therapy always has great ideas for home decor, design and more.
  • 10 Tips for your 2016 inspiration board from Domino.
  • Beautiful and practical, ideas from Houzz
  • Pinterest. Obviously, get at them for inspiration. Then add it to your board!


Have we inspired you to start looking around for inspiration? Do you already have an inspiration board that you look to daily? Let us know in the comments, and share what you have or what you’re wanting to achieve.

Have a great weekend, blog friends, and may the freshly arrived spring weather inspire us all!

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