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Flashing back and moving forward

It’s finally Friday, blog friends, and has this seemed like a particularly long week to you too? Well never mind, it’s nearly the weekend!


Think back. Do you remember waaaay back to this past Monday? Your Willow team does! Monday was the annual Aveda Walk for Water, and Willow participated, as we always do. This year it was a bit on the cold side for the 6km walk, but no matter! In the spirit of the day, the team was all smiles, braving the chilly temperatures and rainy conditions for a good cause.

The Willow team braves the elements to walk for water!

The Willow team braves the elements to walk for water!


While Earth Month is nearly over, it doesn’t mean we need to forget about our planet for the next 11 months, not at all. April lets us focus MORE on the earth, and the hope is some of the strategies we hear about during that month will stick with us for the rest of the year, for the rest of our lives.


You may have heard the saying “21 times to create a habit.” The idea behind this is basically if you do something new 21 times, it becomes something you don’t have to think about. There’s a bit of controversy surrounding that timeline, and whether it actually works that way, but it’s definitely food for thought.


If you think back to days before our communities recycled, we just threw things away. The horror! Plastic bags, newspapers, yogurt containers, and more. And think too about the fabulous green cart, and all the things that are diverted from landfill now because of it! But when we first started recycling, wasn’t it difficult to remember that no, that container DOESN’T go in the garbage any more, it can be recycled. And no, those food scraps ALSO don’t go in the garbage anymore, they can be taken care of by the green cart. But, after a time, we all got used to it; our recycling and green carting ways became second nature, and our communities, and our planet are better for it.


It’s the same with some of the other little simple changes we can make every day, some of the things we hear about during Earth Month. If we do them enough times and they become a habit. Whether it’s trying to conserve water, doing some errands on foot instead of taking the car, or layering on a sweater or two instead of cranking the furnace, it all adds up, and it all makes a difference.


So we say goodbye to Earth Month for another year, but let’s try to keep the spirit alive as long as we can.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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