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Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to April! We are kicking off a brand new series here at the Willow Salon blog, to mark the first Friday of every month. It’s a little something we’re going to call the Friday Five.


Think of your awesome Willow team. Want to know what they’re up to on the weekend? Yeah you do! Well, we feel the direct approach is always best, so we’re going to ask each team member to tell us five things about their upcoming weekend:


  • One place they’re planning to go
  • One thing/outfit they’re planning to wear
  • One song that is moving them right now
  • One product that is their go-to for the weekend
  • And finally, one word that describes their approach to the upcoming weekend


So there you have it! We are keeping it simple and easy, while still bringing you a little insight into your hardworking Willow team members and what’s going on with them. Fun AND informative!


And now, without further delay, here is this week’s Friday Five, brought to you by none other than the fabulous Kim Murkovich! Hey, Kim what’s up?


One place:

Casbah! First Saturday of every month is Risky Business 80s night, featuring DJ DMurk – relatively newly minted husband – as well as DJ Mark spinning 80s vinyl all night long!


One outfit:

My go to: black tights, a tunic, booties, and a wrist full of bracelets has never let me down.


One product:

Aveda Air Control keeps my fringe in place and my waves locked (locked locks – see what I did there?)


One song:

This one’s easy. 80s night at Casbah + Duran Duran concert next week? HAS to be Rio.


One word:

SailorJerry (Mmmm…but hey, isn’t that two words? Perhaps, but it’s fitting for a party weekend so we’ll allow it.)


There is your inaugural Friday Five, blog friends! We hope you enjoyed, and we’ll have another one for you in May.
Now, dance into the weekend with Kim’s tune, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday morning!


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