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Mother Nature vs Mother’s Day: Spring battle time!

Good morning, blog friends, and welcome back to the blog for this sunny and ALMOST springlike day! Let’s say “almost”, because you never can tell what Mother Nature might drop on us. Things have been a little bit weird lately in weather, but perhaps – just perhaps – we are actually on the road to warmer temperatures.


One of the things that can be deceiving when spring proceeds a little differently than we normally expect, is that important dates can creep up on us. Sure today may only be April 12th, but did you know that Mother’s Day is May 8th? And did you know that May 8th is less than a month away? Well now you do! You’re welcome!


Aveda has some fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day – you knew they would – and you can find them in the gifts section of the Aveda website. Browse online, then head on over to Willow to purchase.


Sooooo is it a coincidence that most of the Mother’s Day gift suggestions are from the Aveda Stress-Fix line? Hmmm…well never mind that, we are POSITIVE that YOU have never been the cause of maternal stress, no, not you!

stressfixcremeoilAnyway, along with the Stress-Fix ideas, there are lots of others listed: from lovely scented candles to Aveda tea, and classic Aveda hair and skin care products.


Of course products aren’t the only ideas out there. Consider Willow Salon gift certificates for the gift of fabulous hair as well!


And, since you are so darned organized, more than a month in advance, you probably deserve a little something too, right? We wholeheartedly agree.


Happy shopping, everyone! We’ll see you back here Friday morning.

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