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Picture? Perfect.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words


When you’re considering, or even when you’re completely ready for a new look, whether it’s a little update or a great big change, how do you bring your vision to your stylist? It can be daunting trying to explain to someone else what you can so perfectly see in your mind’s eye.


You already know that if you can dream it or visualize it, your Willow stylist can make it happen. But sometimes even the pros can use a little guidance, especially when it comes to getting what you want exactly right. One of our favourite ways to get inside our clients’ heads so we can get to know what they’re thinking is through photos.


We LOVE when clients bring us photos! Pics from magazines, photos from Pinterest, maybe a little something from your inspiration board? It’s show rather than tell, and it’s the perfect way to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Which red?

Think about colours, for example, like the reds in this photo. Several different shades, and you KNOW there are dozens of others. And when we say “red”, what colour is conjured up in your mind? Is it one of these? Or does your mind go to a more copper hue? Ginger Spice? Do you think of cherries or tomatoes, or carrots? And when you consider that within each of these groups there are even MORE shades, and…whew! Obviously, colour can be VERY subjective.


The same goes for haircuts and styles too. Your idea of a long bob, for example, might be different than what your stylist envisions, and photos can help eliminate this guesswork. Of course you are going to have a conversation as well, but the addition of a photo or two can really be beneficial.


Back in the day, magazines were the go-to for bringing styles and colours to our stylists, but today there are WAY more options for finding that hair inspiration, and, as we said in last week’s post about inspiration, it’s everywhere.


The magazine rack is still a great source for ideas, and there are lots of hairstyle mags to choose from, not to mention the hundreds of fashion magazines in existence. But these days you’re not limited by the printed page – hit up Pinterest, fashion blogs, lifestyle sites – all great choices where you might see something you really like.


And don’t forget about Instagram! So much great inspiration to be found in the hashtags alone:  #hairinspo #hairinspiration #hairideas… you get the idea. Does a favourite celebrity have a new look that you’re dying to try? Chances are good that they’ll be documenting it all over their Instagram page, and what better place to snag their ideas than straight from the source! And, if you’re not already following Willow on Instagram, we’ve got a pretty great feed as well, with loads of #hairinspiration, and other great ideas to inspire.


So bring us your photos however you can – let’s see the styles you’ve saved on your phone, your colour ideas via tablet, highlight concepts from a paint chip…ok, maybe, maybe not… But whatever media form you choose, a visual is always the perfect way to express what you want, and ensure your stylist perfectly understands what you mean.

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