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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Summer Style Part III: Makeup Tips for When it Feels Like We’re Living on the Surface of the Sun

Welcome back to the blog! We hope everyone had a great weekend.   We had originally planned to move on from the Summer Style Survival series, and give you something new and exciting, but this hot weather just will not let up, and it’s all we can think about, really. So we have decided to…

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Summer Style Part II: Dealing with the Dog Days of Summer…and Your Hair!

We are back on this hot, hot Friday, to bring you Part II of our post on strategies for hot weather hair. And not a moment too soon! It’s been quite the sweltering week for the end of May, hasn’t it? What will the rest of the summer bring? Well, lucky for you, you have…

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Summer Style Part I: Getting Ready for the Season!

Happy Tuesday, blog friends! We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. What did you get up to? Camping? Gardening? Patio drinks? Fireworks? So many great options during the Victoria Day weekend, our unofficial start to the summer season! And this year was a real beauty, wasn’t it?   We all remember those May…

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Ain’t no party like a Willow Salon party!

Well. Wasn’t THAT a party?!   We really hope you made it out to Willow’s 11th birthday party, and if you did that you had the chance to raise a glass (or a cupcake or a cookie) to the greatest salon in the #HamOnt area!   Let’s recap the day, shall we?   Right at…

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Looking back, looking forward, and getting ready to celebrate!

It’s Tuesday, which means we made it through Monday, which means we are ONE DAY CLOSER to this week’s big event! No, not the Victoria Day weekend (as exciting as that is, helloooooo long weekend!) but we’re actually talking of course about Willow’s Eleventh Birthday Party and Pop-Up Shopping Event, happening THURSDAY from 11am-6pm at…

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Calling All Party People!

Welcome back! It’s the Friday edition of the Willow Salon blog and we have a LOT to talk about!   Willow is gearing up for an action-packed week! As temperatures rise and the long weekend looms, things really start to heat up at the salon. Everybody wants summer-ready hair, right? Spring is a busy, busy…

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Tuesday Trends, and Willow Goes to Eleven!

It’s May! We love May! Well hold on, technically it’s been May for 10 days now, but it’s really starting to feel like May, don’t you think? With the warmer temperatures, the trees and flowers starting to bloom (increasing the pollen counts, but let’s not talk about that right now) and the patios starting to…

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Friday Five Vol. 2: May Edition!

  It’s Friday, blog friends! And not just any Friday, it’s also the Friday before that most lovely spring holiday Mother’s Day! We hope you’re able to celebrate however you can – as a mother, with your mother, or remembering your mother. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for us to all be able to…

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Teambuilding 101: Take a page out of our book!

Did you hear the one about the seven hairstylists who took a limo to a drag bar on a Saturday night in April? No? Well you’re about to!   It’s no joke, this is a thing that actually happened and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.   When you work as closely as we do at…

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