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Looking back, looking forward, and getting ready to celebrate!

It’s Tuesday, which means we made it through Monday, which means we are ONE DAY CLOSER to this week’s big event! No, not the Victoria Day weekend (as exciting as that is, helloooooo long weekend!) but we’re actually talking of course about Willow’s Eleventh Birthday Party and Pop-Up Shopping Event, happening THURSDAY from 11am-6pm at the salon!


We have been talking it up all over social media, and we really hope you are able to join us in celebration. For us, there is nothing better than connecting with our clients – professionally AND socially – and this kind of event is the perfect atmosphere to do just that.


Do you remember when Willow was just in her infant stage, way back when? We know some of you do!


Picture it: brand new to the Dundas scene, a small salon with big ambitions, and a proprietor out to make the most of her new adventure. Kim and Willow have most definitely made their mark as one of the most vibrant and bustling businesses in the area. And, along the way, of course there was some help – nobody can really go it alone, you rely on your neighbours, your community, your clients, your people, to help boost you up, help you find your way.


Thinking back to the past and the welcome that Kim and Willow received 11 years ago, that mutual respect for other local businesses was fostered, good relationships were forged, and Willow has remained committed to continuing to support and lift up the companies and organizations around her.


And the great thing about Willow’s commitment to the local business scene is that it is truly inclusive. From well-established businesses like Village Bakery, an institution in Dundas for many years, to Shawn & Ed Brewing, the literal new kids on the block, having just opened a few weeks ago. Think not only about actual brick and mortar businesses and fab actual neighbours like Blur, but also of those entrepreneurs and businesses who exist mainly online, are home- or studio-based, the ones you can catch at events like the one we’re having this week.


What do they have in common? How do these relationships happen? Well, they are founded on mutual support, a spirit of camaraderie, true professionalism, and of course, paramount to success is the importance of really good customer service – something Willow takes a great deal of pride in, and something that is also obvious in the companies we have lined up for you for Thursday.


We hope you have had a chance to check out the links to our featured vendors for Thursday’s bash and make plans to visit us and support these fantastic local businesses.


And don’t forget! 20% off Aveda products, complimentary makeup tips and touch-ups, and your Willow team waiting to celebrate with you!


What else are you likely to see when you pop into Willow on Thursday? A lot of smiling faces, vendors and customers alike. That’s always been Willow’s style, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


See you Thursday at the salon! And then back here on Friday for more bloggy goodness. Enjoy!


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