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Summer Style Part I: Getting Ready for the Season!

Happy Tuesday, blog friends! We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. What did you get up to? Camping? Gardening? Patio drinks? Fireworks? So many great options during the Victoria Day weekend, our unofficial start to the summer season! And this year was a real beauty, wasn’t it?


We all remember those May long weekends when it rained for 72 hours straight, or even worse when it SNOWED. We sure did luck out this year, with basically nothing but sun, sun and more sun!


And sun – well, that’s got us thinking. We all know about protecting our skin from the sun – sunscreen is on everyone’s mind once the weather turns warm in this hemisphere. We start to see the ads for the importance of sun protection, and for the past several years, May has been Melanoma Awareness Month, to hit home the point even more intently. When we Canadians start to spend more time outdoors, our thoughts should turn to SPF and what we can do to protect ourselves,


Anyway, we’re not here to lecture you on the importance of protecting your skin, but what we ARE here to do is remind you that it is also important to think of your hair during the hot, hot heat of summer. And, if you start thinking about it now, now that we’ve actually got some sunshine and heat around here, by the time the real dog days of summer hit, you’ll be a pro.


There are lots of ways to protect your locks from the sun’s rays, and Aveda has some fantastic products that will do just that.


Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a UV defense mist that can help protect hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours, and also helps minimize colour fading, damage and dryness. Sun Care After Sun Masque restores sun-exposed hair and moisturizes after a long day outside in the heat. And finally, attention all mermaids! Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser is colour-safe, and removes chlorine, salt and product build-up.


In addition to these sweet summer hair care products, here are some other hot and seasonal tips to help you keep your hair happy all summer long:



Hats are perfect for not only protecting your hair from the harsh rays, but a wide brim will also protect your face – two birds, one stone, etc. etc. “But, Willow blog, what about the dreaded “hat head” that will most likely ensue?!” Ah, we knew you were going to ask that question, and it’s a valid one. The most obvious answer is to keep the hat on at all times. But, since that isn’t entirely possible or practical, why not consider tying on a scarf instead? Scarves are chic, in a retro-vintage kind of way, and are super practical too. Scarves won’t leave band marks like hats can, so they are perfect for keeping your hair out of the sun, but looking good once the wrap is off. Scarves and wraps will also keep longer hair knot- and tangle-free on the windiest summer days, too.



Attention once again, mermaids and water babes: you might not want to hear it, but a swim cap is a fantastic way to protect against damage from chlorine and salt. Not a fan of the look? Consider rinsing your hair with regular old water before heading into the pool or ocean. The water will be absorbed first and will help reduce the amount of salt and/or chlorine that gets absorbed while you swim.



Can you live without your blow dryer for the season? We understand, this is a BIG STEP, but if you can, your hair will definitely benefit. If the idea of going without your hairdryer for even a few days causes palpitations, consider using it on a cooler temperature during the summer. Your hair will thank you, and you’re likely to feel a lot better too!


As always, for other tips, tricks and advice, talk to your Willow stylist!


Enjoy the sunshine, friends! See you back here on Friday for Part II of our Summer and Your Hair series. (Spoiler alert: cool summer styles!)


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