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Summer Style Part II: Dealing with the Dog Days of Summer…and Your Hair!

We are back on this hot, hot Friday, to bring you Part II of our post on strategies for hot weather hair. And not a moment too soon! It’s been quite the sweltering week for the end of May, hasn’t it? What will the rest of the summer bring? Well, lucky for you, you have us to help you cope – at least in dealing with your hair.


On Tuesday we talked about things that can help protect your hair – products and hats and scarves – oh my! Today we want to take a look at some of the ways to keep cool, basically to protect YOU from your hair. That might sound a bit weird, but we’ve likely all been in a situation where we say “It’s too hot, and I just want to cut off ALL THIS HAIR!”


If you want to change it up like that for the summer months, then go for it! We love big changes! But, if you’re hesitant and the threat of cutting off all that hair was just the heat talking, then read on for easy ways to keep your cool, while looking as fabulous as ever.


Incidentally, if you’re already rocking the short haircut, you are more than halfway there in preparation for the summer. But don’t stop reading! We guarantee you’ll find some useful information!


So, let’s get started with the best of the hot weather hair roundup!


We talked on Tuesday about giving up the hair dryer for the season. This is drastic, no doubt, but then along came our friend Buzzfeed with 30 Stunning No-Heat Hairstyles to Help You Through Summer. This article has some amazing looks, for all types of hair, which is great to see! Although a lot of the looks are specifically for longer hair, there are a few for short- to medium-length hair as well. The article includes photos and in some places step-by-step photo or video tutorials to help you along – always a bonus to see the style in action before attempting it!


Lots to check out in that Buzzfeed article! Find a style that works and wear it often, or try a different one each day, if you’re more adventurous. (And a shout out to that cotton candy bun for being absolutely delightful! SO cute.)


Braids of some sort were a big part of the first article, and it’s no wonder at all. Braids can keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, AND there’s no doubt they can look incredibly chic doing so.


Check out’s 30 Braids and Braided Hairstyles to Try This Summer for fantastic inspiration. Some how-tos are included in this slideshow of styles, but a lot of the looks seem easy to master! Sometimes it’s just all about what you do with the braids once you’ve got them. Pin them up, twist them, leave them down…so versatile, so on trend, and so (literally) cool.


Maybe you just like the idea of pulling your hair back in a ponytail and being done with it. It’s HOT, after all, and your hair + an elastic = easy and definitely better than leaving your hair down. If that’s your go-to for the summer, take a look at this page from Brit + Co: 20 Fancy Ponytails Guaranteed to Turn Heads. Up your pony game in no time, without too much fuss or preparation. Who knows, you may never go back to a plain old ponytail again!


Now, let’s talk fringe. Who doesn’t love a great fringe? Whether it’s blunt, and straight across the forehead, or sideswept and long, or shorter and piecey, fringe can be a fun way to change up a hairstyle or add a little drama. But, with such close proximity to your forehead, aka the sweatiest place all summer, your bangs can really suffer in the heat. has a nice little article on How to Deal With Bangs in the Summer that offers some great tips. There were also some good ideas for braiding your fringe in the article, and here is another timely post from the same site that answers the question “What should I do with my bangs today?”


What did we miss? The classic topknot? The always stylish and fun messy bun? What is your go-to look or foolproof tip for your hair when the mercury rises? Let us know in the comments!


Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


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