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Teambuilding 101: Take a page out of our book!

Did you hear the one about the seven hairstylists who took a limo to a drag bar on a Saturday night in April? No? Well you’re about to!


It’s no joke, this is a thing that actually happened and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.


When you work as closely as we do at Willow, a team environment isn’t just something that is nice to have, it is essential.  


You can probably sense the team spirit and observe the teamwork when you arrive at Willow, and that’s the way we like it. You might not know that this spirit of teamwork extends beyond the salon, and that too is extremely important to us.


We pride ourselves on having a strong team that goes above and beyond, not only for our clients, but  for each other as well. This is crucial, especially during some of the busiest times of the year, when things can get pretty intense work-wise. And it’s really great to know that when things get hairy (no pun intended) your teammates have your back. This is the environment that Kim has fostered at Willow, and we all benefit from her vision: a creative, dynamic team that is always willing to help out, go that extra mile. This is the Willow we – and you – know and love.


So, while we are all business and professional, and work work work in the salon for you, there are times when it is important to celebrate us, our team, and each other…and really let loose. Saturday night we did just that.


Picture it: a limousine arrives at its designated pick up location. Seven women climb in amidst excited giggles. Add a few adult beverages and some tunes for the road, followed by a killer show at Crews & Tangos, Toronto’s #1 drag bar. Throw in a few more beverages (ahem, no judgement) and your girls tearing up the dance floor, and you have the recipe for a fantastic, much-needed Willow team night out


Sometimes the best way to unwind is to get out of your day to day environment and hit the road to a place that is perhaps just a wee bit out of your comfort zone. Trying new things, whether it’s in the salon or after hours is just another way your Willow team is continuously recharging the creative batteries.


You probably saw some of  photos of our night to remember on social media, and while we always like to share a few pics and info about what we’re up to, remember the important code that whatever happens at Willow night out stays at Willow night out. So the bulk of the evening has to remain a mystery, but what we can tell you is that the bar was fantastic, and we highly recommend checking out a show if you are so inclined. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and who knows, it might even help to fire up your own creative juices!


Work hard, play hard, get out of your comfort zone, try something new, and do it with the best team possible. That’s Willow’s strategy to a tee. We hope it’s yours too.
Thanks for letting us share with you today, see you back here on Friday morning!

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