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Tuesday Trends, and Willow Goes to Eleven!

It’s May! We love May! Well hold on, technically it’s been May for 10 days now, but it’s really starting to feel like May, don’t you think? With the warmer temperatures, the trees and flowers starting to bloom (increasing the pollen counts, but let’s not talk about that right now) and the patios starting to open (ahem, yes, we do love patio season) it’s just a fantastic time of the year for a lot of reasons and we are going to talk about two of these reasons today:

Spring makeup trends and Willow’s birthday. Get excited for BOTH!


First up? The makeup trends.


If you are a true beauty industry follower and lover of fashion and all things beauty, you’re probably well aware of the latest trends. We love that! We love meeting people who are up on all the latest, whether it’s fashion, hair, makeup, beauty. These are the people who trendwatch for each season, keep up with the fashion weeks all over the globe, and are just in the know about what is hot and what is on its way out.


But wait. Does this NOT sound like at all like you? We totally get that too! After all it’s often hard to get stoked for spring looks in October, when you’re really just gearing up for the season of clunky boots and big coats, and your main beauty issues are keeping your skin hydrated throughout the coldest months of the year, keeping your hair free from painful static electricity, and how to cover up that red nose from either a) the cold or b) A cold. In the fall, spring – especially in this part of the world – seems about as far off as Jupiter.


But, now that it IS spring, and we’re seeing the signs of warmth, sunny days, and blooming flowers everywhere, have you asked yourself any of the following lately:


Do I need to eliminate bold red lips from my repertoire now that it’s warm?

How important is winged eyeliner anymore?

Is contouring still a thing?

What else do I need to know?


And this is where the Willow blog jumps in to let you know the scoop! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the latest trends and ideas for spring.


Not into the trends or the “what’s hot what’s not” scene? That is perfectly ok. For those of you who prefer to do your own thing, think of these latest looks not as pure gospel you-need-to-follow-it-to-the-letter looks, but more of a how-can-I-incorporate-what-I-like-and-make-it-my-own kind of thing.


In reality, that’s what most of us do anyway, isn’t it? Find a trend or an idea that works for us, and make it our own. Let’s hear it for individuality! But sometimes you need a place to start.

So here is our guide to what you’ll be seeing on faces throughout the nation this season:



The lips are definitely in the spotlight this season with a lot of different ways to capture the look. Bright reds are still uniting everyone, but others are also looking into the past to something they are calling “grunge lipstick” with a return to the dark, brownish tones that were so popular in the 90s. (MAC Spice lip pencil anyone?) For 2016, look for soft browns like chestnut, as well as oxblood, burgundy, and black cherry. We’re also seeing crimson, orange and even some berry looks as well, all worn boldly on their own, or with seriously glam eyes.



And speaking of glam eyes, what could be more glam than glitter? On the lids, in the creases, under the lashes, sneaking down to the cheekbones – anything goes! Want to level-up your winged liner? Try it glitterified! Sure, that’s a word…let’s go with that.



We got it from several sources – blue makeup is making a big comeback. Think bright, bright, vivid blue. Cobalt and sapphire blue for eyeliner and – yes indeed – for eyeshadow too. Lots of ways to rock this look – line the top for a subtle nod to the trend, or go full-on retro blue by doing the entire eye. Definitely a standout this season!



Maybe you’re not quite ready for your glitter close up, and bright blue just doesn’t seem like you, but you still want to rock the dramatic eye trend. Look for the new metallics – gold and silver shadows that pop and reflect. We’re still seeing winged liner everywhere, but look for it in a variety of colours including white (yes!) for spring. We will also see eyes done up in all the colours of the sunset, like cranberry, pink, peach, and soft gold. Perfect spring/summer colours.


Canadian summers don’t last forever, so the nice thing about these trends is that they give you a way to pump up your summer style, and with the season being so short, you won’t even have a chance to get tired of them. Not that we are planning to wish away the season, no no no! It’s just that those winter looks on the other hand…well, they seem to go on and on forever sometimes!


Now, we did promise you a sneak peek at the plans for Willow’s 11th birthday didn’t we?

What exactly is the plan? Well, we’re going to keep most of that under wraps for the time being – but not too long! If you come back here on Friday, all (or at least most) will be revealed. For now, please save the date – May 19th – and know that it will be a fun-filled day of treats, beverages, vendors, and more. We’re celebrating in true Willow style and we would love for you to join us! Stay tuned for more details.


That’s a wrap for today’s blog post, thanks for tuning in and sticking around! For more information on the trends discussed, check out these links:


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