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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Tuesday Tools: YouTube and Aveda, the Perfect Match!

If you think about tools of the trade for the hair industry, you likely jump right to the ones you see in the salon – scissors, combs, products, flat irons, curling irons…just to name a few. Likewise when you think about your stylist’s education and learning you think about the hours of classroom and practical…

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Link Roundup: Canada Day edition!

It’s Friday once again, and we are down to the very last week of June! And you know what that means. School is nearly out for summer, vacation and holiday plans are being finalized, weather apps are being carefully studied…and Canada turns another year older!   Unlike people of a certain age who might like…

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Tuesday Trendsday: Fade to Grey

It is tempting, after the scorching hot weekend we just had, to write yet another post on maintaining flawless skin, makeup, and hair, all while keeping cool during this epic heat. But, we have decided that maybe if we don’t talk about the heat, perhaps we can ignore it. It’s worth a shot.   So…

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Fashion Mag Friday!

Happy Fashion Mag Friday! Wait, is that actually a thing? Well it is now!   Fashion magazines are a bit of a guilty pleasure, we’ll definitely admit that. They can be a nice way to kill a little time in waiting rooms, while you’re relaxing on the deck with a cool drink, and when you…

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Men’s Styles Part III: Get the Look!

Welcome back!   Today we are wrapping up our 3-part series on men’s summer hair trends and looks with a “how-to” post, all about…well, how to style your hair!   If you’ve decided to embark on a big change for the summer, we’ve got you covered with tips and ideas for looking your best. If…

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Men, Part II: The Trends

Well summer kind of bailed on us, didn’t it? It’s a bit on the chillier side in the mornings and evenings lately, but at least it’s Friday, and the sun is shining. And, as promised, we are BACK with more in our men’s styling series.   On Tuesday we looked at some great and alternative…

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Aveda + Men = Father’s Day Guide Part I

Aaaand all of a sudden it’s Tuesday again. Where did the weekend go? Well, the nice thing about weekends is that they always do come around again. We hope the one that just happened was a good one for you!   So, we have one week of June under our belts, and while Friday’s post…

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Friday Five Vol. 3: June Edition!

We are back with another edition of the Friday Five for the first Friday of June! How did it get to be June already? We are not sure about that, but what we are sure about is that June means weddings, and summer wedding season is in full effect. How do we know? Well, we…

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