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Aveda + Men = Father’s Day Guide Part I

Aaaand all of a sudden it’s Tuesday again. Where did the weekend go? Well, the nice thing about weekends is that they always do come around again. We hope the one that just happened was a good one for you!


So, we have one week of June under our belts, and while Friday’s post talked about one of the most popular June occasions (weddings, in case you’ve forgotten) we’re here today to talk about an annual June event that is often associated with BBQs, beer, golf, and…well you’ve probably guessed it by now – we’re talking about Father’s Day.


This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday June 19th, so we’re giving you some good lead time to figure out the best way to celebrate the dads in your life. Because there’s nothing wrong with BBQs, beer, and golf, but  for every BBQ, beer, and golf loving dad out there, there is, we can guarantee, a dad who is more into brunch, wine, and hair care/skin care tips.


Maybe you know one of these dads, or maybe you are one of these dads! We’ll leave the “traditional” Father’s Day fare to the other guys, and bring you some great alternative Father’s Day tips courtesy of Aveda.



When you click on “Men” on the Aveda homepage, the first question you are asked is “Why Aveda Men?” and you might be thinking the same thing – are men and women really that different? Well, this is a far bigger question than your bloggers can answer, but as far as hair care and skin care needs go, that answer is yes. Aveda outlines it for us here:


Fact 1:
Because Men’s skin and scalp differ from women’s, they need to be treated differently. Men are more prone to sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, redness and other unpleasant skin and scalp conditions.

Fact 2:
The Aveda Men collection is tailored to men’s essential need for high-performance skin, scalp and hair management that’s easy to use.

Fact 3:
Each product features our exclusive phyto-active blend, clinically proven to deliver soothing care to hair, scalp and skin.


There you have it! Not exactly Mars-Venus stuff, but definitely a whole lot more practical!


To go along with the different needs of men’s hair, Aveda has also introduced their newest line, Invati Men Solutions for Thinning Hair. This is a daily, two-step system to help reduce hair loss, and thicken and strengthen existing hair. The video explains the process, and how Invati works:



Perhaps “Happy Father’s Day, here’s something for your thinning hair!” isn’t the sentiment you want to convey – that’s ok! You can always check out Aveda’s skin care for men instead. Maybe the Aveda Pure-Formance Dual Action Aftershave or Pure-Formance Aroma Spray, the Aveda Men’s signature scent, are better options?


There are lots of other great gift ideas here on the website, or take some time to browse in the salon. Sometimes that in-person shopping is best for things like this. Not only do you get great advice from Willow stylists, but you also get to experience those intoxicating Aveda fragrances at the same time – something you can’t do when you’re online shopping!


We hope today’s post has got you thinking about Father’s Day – or just treating yourself to something new! And because we love a good style series here on the blog, join us back here on Friday for more about men, including hair trends, styling tips and great products to try this summer.


Have a great week, everyone!


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