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Friday Five Vol. 3: June Edition!

We are back with another edition of the Friday Five for the first Friday of June! How did it get to be June already? We are not sure about that, but what we are sure about is that June means weddings, and summer wedding season is in full effect. How do we know? Well, we have the Friday Five to prove it! Intrigued? Read on for this week’s Friday Five courtesy of the lovely Rachael!

To refresh our collective memories, we ask one of our fab Willow Salon stylists to answer the survey below for the first Friday of the month and tell us:

  • One place they’re planning to go
  • One thing/outfit they’re planning to wear
  • One song that is moving them right now
  • One product that is their go-to for the weekend
  • And finally, one word that describes their approach to the upcoming weekend


Note: we are taking this list slightly out of order, only because Rachael’s go-to song is SO GOOD, and such a classic summer kind of song we think you should hit play and groove along while you read the rest of her list.


Now, in her own words, we bring you Rachael’s Friday Five!


One song:

I am addicted to the new Calvin Harris and Rihanna song “This is What You Came For”. I play it more than 10 times a day! (I have a long car ride to and from work)


(We told you – so good!)


One place:

To a friend’s wedding Saturday night. This is the first of seven this summer!


One outfit:

I bought a really cute blue beaded Adrianna Papell dress that I can finally wear this weekend.


One product:

Aveda dry shampoo! Saves me that extra 20 minutes that I can put towards sleeping or having that extra glass of wine.


One word:


Fantastic. Have a great time, Rachael!


Press play again on that killer song, and have a great weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday!


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