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Men’s Styles Part III: Get the Look!

Welcome back!


Today we are wrapping up our 3-part series on men’s summer hair trends and looks with a “how-to” post, all about…well, how to style your hair!


If you’ve decided to embark on a big change for the summer, we’ve got you covered with tips and ideas for looking your best. If you’re not taking the plunge into a different style, stick around for some possibilities for your ‘do that you might not have thought of before, but that can help update your look, or even just up your styling game.


Luckily for us, not only does Aveda have great men’s hair styling products, but also provides a series of videos that illustrate what styles you can achieve, and step by step instructions for using the product on your own hair. What could be better?


The great thing about the Aveda products we’re going to feature today is that they are extremely versatile. Most people do NOT want a shelf or a cabinet or a bathroom full of single-use products – those products that do one thing and one thing only. We love a good multi-purpose hair product, don’t you?


For an example of a hard working product that can almost literally do anything and take on nearly any style, have a look at this video featuring Aveda Men’s Grooming Clay: 


Pure-Formance Grooming Clay



Did you notice that the styles that are featured in the video include styles we talked about in Friday’s trends post? Coincidence? We think NOT!


Aveda videos not only provide a visual on how to style your hair, but they are also really great at helping you select the product that is best for the length and texture of your hair. This next video shows us styling options for longer hair, using Aveda Men Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade:


Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade (click on the related video tab)


Remember we talked about the shift towards longer hair, and away from the tight, barbered looks of the past few seasons? Another trend that Aveda is on top of, and now you are too!



The two videos shown here are a great start, but you can find even more style ideas, tips and information in the men’s video library right here:


Take some time to browse through the product and instructional videos not only for concrete, practical tips and advice, but also for inspiration! You might just see a style you’ve never considered before that becomes an “a-ha!” moment, and suddenly changes your day-to-day or special event styling options.

And, as always, if you have questions or need advice, talk to the wonderful, knowledgeable, and super friendly Willow Salon stylists!

Thanks to all of you for reading, and we’ll see you back here on Friday. Have a great week, blog friends!


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