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Tuesday Tools: YouTube and Aveda, the Perfect Match!

If you think about tools of the trade for the hair industry, you likely jump right to the ones you see in the salon – scissors, combs, products, flat irons, curling irons…just to name a few. Likewise when you think about your stylist’s education and learning you think about the hours of classroom and practical time spent honing their craft.


But learning is always ongoing, and sometimes the best tools are slightly less formal, slightly more unconventional, but can pack as powerful a punch as traditional learning.


Take YouTube, for example. YouTube is one of the best tools out there for expanding your knowledge. Want to learn how to knit? The best way to wallpaper a room? How to light a charcoal BBQ? There’s a YouTube video for that – sometimes many, many YouTube videos for that!


And what about hair? You KNOW there are multiple videos on figuring out that waterfall braid, or the best way to perfect that messy bun you’ve been craving; everyone can be a YouTube star! But did you know that Aveda also has a YouTube channel? It’s true – and it’s fantastic!


Aveda’s YouTube channel contains nearly 20 playlists covering a wide variety of categories. Everything from “Inside Aveda” with information about the company and its products, to “Aveda’s Environmental and Social Commitment”, to fun how-to hair tutorials and step-by-step styling guides – which is what we will be talking about a bit later! First, a bit more about the Aveda channel.


Each category – or playlist – contains multiple videos on a topic. You can browse through all the videos to find what you want, or you can search by keyword within the channel for the exact thing you want to learn about.


You can also subscribe to the channel and be notified when new videos are added to the playlists.


The Aveda YouTube channel is not only a fantastic tool for all things Aveda, but is also a great go-to for current trends, styles and issues. YouTube is particularly great for capturing the visual, as well as the information, in a fun and interactive way.


Now, on to the tutorials!


As of this writing there are 36 videos in the Aveda Hair Tutorials playlist. That is a LOT of inspiration! Today we are mostly interested in the three most recent ones, and why? Three words: Summer. Festival. Hair.


Do you look at photos from Glastonbury or Coachella and immediately gravitate to the chic, effortless looking hairstyles of the festival goers? Do you wish you could pull off a flower crown in your day-to-day life? Well you have definitely come to the right blog!


Festival hair that looks great and will stay looking great no matter what the weather throws your way really is the be all and end all, isn’t it? You want something that is easy to maintain – high maintenance looks are not what you need when you’re spending the day outside in the sun and heat!


And you don’t even need to be attending a festival – although lucky you if you are! But with a little help from these videos, your summer ‘do will be on point. And, festival or not, you’ll be set.

How cute is that crown braid?

Go to #StyledByAveda for this style and two other super cute ones for your summer looks!

You can also check out the entire Aveda video library here and click on Playlists to see the different categories, or browse the featured videos.

Warning: visiting the Aveda YouTube channel can cause you to lose hours to gorgeous styles, and great information. Just saying…

And just like that, you’ve got some great ideas for the coming weekend – at least when it comes to your hair!

Thanks for tuning in, everyone! Enjoy the rest of the week and we’ll see you back here on Friday for our first Friday Five of the summer!


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