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Tuesday Trendsday: Fade to Grey

It is tempting, after the scorching hot weekend we just had, to write yet another post on maintaining flawless skin, makeup, and hair, all while keeping cool during this epic heat. But, we have decided that maybe if we don’t talk about the heat, perhaps we can ignore it. It’s worth a shot.


So join us as we dig further into what’s hot (no, not just the weather) and step into a Tuesday Trends frame of mind. This week’s topic? All about embracing the grey.


First, there were the celebrities who made it popular to let their grey hair take centre stage. Think of the natural greys, the celebs like Helen Mirren, and George Clooney, the ones who are actually of an age to sport this silvery look – after all, it is only natural as we age, right? They, and other silver foxes like them, made us take notice. Then the younguns came along and made grey cool for those who hadn’t even yet discovered their first grey hair. has a nice gallery of grey celebrity styles here if you’re looking for some silver inspiration!


What’s the draw? Have a look at this article from Nylon magazine How You Can Actually Pull Off Gray Hair.* The article is from 2015, but the trend towards grey just keeps humming along:


“Over the past few years there has been a big resurgence in a love of all things hair color. It all started with the ombré trend,” says Ian Michael Black, North American Technical Director at Aveda. “Gray has been so popular because it is unusual and obviously not natural on someone younger, but it is also less rebellious than green.”


So it’s a way to shake things up but less obvious than that electric blue or green you were considering. And it’s almost that it’s MORE shocking when you see someone younger rocking the grey look, you’re probably going to do a double take. Maybe we’re so used to seeing bright colours on people of all ages that grey isn’t instantly “whoa, look at that hair” but it’s still unusual and more unique. Less rebellious, but perhaps more subversive? Hmmmm…


At any rate, we love that Nylon article, because not only does the author talk about the fun of making such a big change, she also outlines what a long and intense process going grey can be, especially for people with darker hair. She also talks about her commitment to caring for her newly grey locks, which is essential, and shares the daily and weekly Aveda maintenance regimen she uses to keep her hair healthy and looking great. Highly important stuff and it’s nice to see it covered here. Changing up your colour in a big way is super fun, but it does come with a commitment!


From 2015 to something a bit more current, Black is back and featured in an article in Modern Salon this past April. Still talking up the grey trend, but this time with a bit of a twist:


Ian notes that the trend of silvery gray hair color will also be intensified this season to a sleek and gorgeous steel blue. “The blue of the season isn’t about being wild or different; it’s a really chic, prestige looking blue. It has a cool quality to it that we haven’t seen in a long time,” Black says. “And the color is for anyone that wants to feel bold and empowered with their hair color.”


We are ALL for bold and empowered! But what about if you’re already part way there? For women and men who are naturally going grey and who want to embrace it, and/or speed up the process, Salon Magazine has some tips. Keep in mind that even though you may have already earned that natural grey, there is a still a process to follow, in order to embrace the full-on grey or silver look. And depending on how far you’re willing to go, it can be time-consuming too. Take a look at Salon Magazine’s article, but note that this is an industry magazine, so the article is aimed mostly at professionals who understand the lingo. Still, you can get an idea of the options for embracing this look, then, talk to your Willow stylist for their ideas and recommendations on what will work best for you.


Any takers? We would love to hear what you think about this trend! Silver, grey, or somewhere in between, let us know your thoughts in the comments! And have a great week, everyone! See you Friday!


*Gray vs grey – it’s confusing, but gray is the US spelling, while grey is the Canada/UK spelling. We tapped sources from all these countries in our research, so that’s why the spellings are inconsistent.

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