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Feel Good Friday: Making Lemonade When Life Hands You Lemons

Have you been staying cool this week? It really has been a scorcher, with official Heat Warnings and everything. Extreme heat can be dangerous for everyone, so we do encourage you to heed the warnings from the City of Hamilton, take advantage of cool spaces when you can, and stay hydrated too! The hot weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet, the forecast is heat and more heat. Gotta love summer in Ontario!


In the spirit of keeping your cool, and handling whatever life – and/or Mother Nature – might throw at you, we’ve got a story for you today. This is one of those lemons to lemonade kind of stories, so pour yourself a glass and settle in.


The Lemons

You might not know it, but hair salons crank out a LOT of laundry on a daily basis. All those towels, capes and robes, right? “Ah, of course!” you’re saying. Well, a couple of months ago, Willow’s old reliable wasner-dryer unit conked out. Now, while this is definitely sad, you should know that it doesn’t owe us anything. It had been running all day every day for six years. Not only that, it was an apartment-sized unit that was really not designed  to withstand the 24/7 cycle of laundry in a busy salon.


So, faced with this dilemma, this forced upgrade to a new washer-dryer, Kim decided to bite the bullet and shop around for larger machines, high efficiency , the works – all the bells and whistles you might say. And? Fun, right? Is there anything more fun than appliance shopping?! Okay, yes, lots of things…but anyway…still pretty fun!


A great deal was found thanks to Home Depot, and the deal was actually SO great, and so popular, that the units were on backorder until the first week of July.


No problem, right? Six weeks? That’s nothing, we’ll just start taking the salon laundry home daily, and…well that got old (and nearly impossible to keep on top of) pretty quickly. There had to be a better way.


The Lemonade

Crystal Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Crystal Laundry & Dry Cleaning

If you don’t know Crystal Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Dundas, well allow us to help you get acquainted with this great local business. Talk about customer service. We started taking the salon laundry there, and it has been the greatest experience. The owner, Chris, is always so friendly, and always has a smile for us. Service is prompt and efficient, and always, ALWAYS friendly, we cannot stress this enough.

As Kim said, “I am literally floored every time I go in for drop off or pick up – which has been at least 4-5 times a week. [Chris] is always smiling and never inconvenienced.”


Love this. Willow really did take lemons in the form of the loss of the old laundry machines, and made lemonade when we discovered a fantastic local business that, to be honest, we might never have discovered otherwise.


The Sweet, Lemony Ending

So what now, now that Willow’s own laundry is back in business? Well, for one thing, now you all know about the fantastic and friendly customer service at Crystal, and we hope that you will not only consider taking your laundry and dry cleaning to them, but also passing along our recommendation to family and friends. Oh, and you can bet that we will ALL be taking our personal dry cleaning there from now on.


Community spirit, paying it forward, and supporting local businesses. It’s what Willow is all about.


And continuing in that spirit, big thanks to Travis from 20two19 Photography for the great shots of Crystal. Check out more of his work on his website, and follow him on all the social media (links on the website) for fantastic photos of beautiful Dundas and the Greater Hamilton Area.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! See you back here on Tuesday.


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