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Friday Feels: Hydrate! From the Inside Out, and Back Again!

Well we jumped the season a wee bit on Tuesday, with our preview of the fall colour palette that will be taking us by storm any day now, but for today’s post, let’s head back to summer, shall we? It IS the weekend after all, and summer weekends are incomparable. So much to do!


And yes, we do keep talking about the heat, but it’s hard to avoid conversations about the weather when the heat just keeps on coming…and coming, and coming… So really, how about that heat?!? It’s face-melting, isn’t it? Heat is great, but it can make some of our usual day-to-day activities difficult.


One of the things we hear about during this time of the year is the importance of hydration. For athletes, people who work out, train, run and do any sort of exercise during the summer months, hydration is crucial. But even if you’re NOT an athletic type, when temperatures get as high as they have been lately, your hydration is still crucially important.


Drinking water is, of course, one of the best ways to stay hydrated during extreme heat, and if you’re out and about doing any sort of activity, bringing water with you is a great idea. But water isn’t the only way to keep yourself safely hydrated in the summer. Your intrepid blogging team cares about your summer safety, so we have rounded up a few sites with tips about coping with the heat for you:


Runner’s World brings us 8 Ways to Stay Cooler During Summer Runs, but a lot of these tips can be applies to really any outdoor summer activity.


Some really good information from the Red Cross, not just about how to keep cool, but what to do in heat-related emergencies, in their article Heat-Related Emergencies: Staying Cool and Hydrated in Canadian Summers


And finally, Dietitians of Canada offers Guidelines for Drinking Fluids to Staying Hydrated with a good list of requirements, and alternatives to water for those of you who are really tired of drinking all that water (we can’t blame you!)


So there you have it! Now, no matter what you have planned for the rest of the summer, you’ve got some help to stay hydrated.


And now…what about your skin? You knew there had to be an Aveda angle to this didn’t you? Well, you – actually we are all – in luck! Aveda has introduced a phenomenal product to help keep skin hydrated during this crazy hot summer.


botanical kinetics

Image via


It might seem odd that your skin can become dehydrated when you just seem to be constantly damp with sweat, but it’s true. Your skin can definitely lose moisture, and the new Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion can be your safeguard against that possibility of summertime dryness.


Use it prior to your moisturizer for immediate added hydration. It is lightweight enough that your skin won’t feel bogged down with “product” – you know what we’re talking about. In this weather, just like with clothes, you want to be wearing as few layers as possible.


So it’s lightweight, it works for all skin types, it adds instant moisture to your dry summer skin, and because it’s from Aveda, of course it also smells amazing! This is a definite must-try for mid-summer skin survival!

Image via

Image via

And now? You’re covered. Hydrate from the inside out using the tips we listed above, and hydrate the surface using Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Stay hydrated, and have fun! See you back here on Tuesday morning.


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