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It’s All About Style

Happy Tuesday and Happy Back at It After the Long Weekend! Honestly, the aftermath of the weekend – especially when there is an extra day attached – has kind of got us like:


But that’s ok! We’ve got something for you that is bound to perk you up. No, the blog isn’t caffeinated (although how great would that be?) but we are going to talk about YOU today. More specifically, you and your personal style. And, even MORE specifically, your personal style as it relates to the seasons.


We have four pretty distinct seasons here in our part of the world. Some would argue that we have only two: really cold, and really hot. And occasionally that is the case, or at least it can feel that way. Realistically though, our seasons are fairly consistent and recognizable, and chances are that you have a favourite. Come on, you do! This isn’t like choosing a favourite child, there’s less at stake for one thing! But even though a lot of us like to have an “out” when it comes to picking sides with statements like “Oh I like all the seasons equally!” you probably do have a secret or not-so-secret favourite.


And that’s fine! No judgement! And because of your pull towards one season over another, it might be difficult to find your groove in the other seasons – style-wise we mean. Think about it – if you’re used to dressing a particular way, say for example all winter, heading into the spring and rapidly into summer can be a bit of a shock to the system. We talked in previous posts about summer-proofing makeup and hair… But what do you do when your personal style doesn’t seem to “fit” into the current season?


Good: Fashion Mags to the…Rescue?

Fashion magazines can be helpful in desperate times like these, you will sometimes see how-to style guides that can help you be a bit less seasonally-challenged. Often you’ll see the “how to extend your winter/spring/summer/wardrobe” into the next season, and these kinds of articles can be beneficial, but a lot of the time they come towards the end of the current season, not dead in the middle of it. So not as helpful for times like, you know, now when we are smack dab in the middle of the summer.


The fashion mags also are good for the “essentials” articles – such as “the 5 things you need for a summer roadtrip/cottage vacation/camping vacation, etc. etc… And these can be great, but again, the articles assume you have: a) each piece they are talking about and b) a desire to wear said pieces. Again, it all comes back your own personal style, and trying to adapt it to the season. Sometimes the mags can be a bit of a disappointment in that respect.


Better: Mallrats R Us

Another strategy along those same lines is to check out the mall, or wherever you like to shop. Window shop some of the ideas, go into the stores and see what’s being featured, how pieces are combined. This is a bit of a hit and miss approach, and it’s time-consuming too, but at least you’ll stay cool while doing it!


The great thing about in-person shopping or window shopping is that the next season’s fashions are already on display, for the most part. That’s right, we’ve all heard the stories of “Back to School” sales starting on July 1st (because nothing says summer like that!) and from a retail perspective, it makes sense. So if you’re a fall/winter kind of person, take heart! The styles are there, you’ll likely just need a few more months until they’re comfortably wearable.


Best: Go With the Pros

The past few years have seen an explosion of personal style bloggers – basically, women and men who share their fashion insights, their wardrobe choices, and their, well their personal style, with the world. The wonderful thing about these bloggers is that they come in all shapes and sizes, with a seemingly endless supply of ideas and inspiration.You are bound to find someone who shares your seasonal style!


A lot of the style bloggers you see online just kind of happened. They are people who started a website of their looks and unique style, and the rest, as they say, is history. Some have parlayed their fame into clothing lines and book deals, and others have quietly continued to maintain their blogs. There is not just one right way to be a style blogger, which makes it good for us when we’re looking for kindred style spirits.


And where do you find these magical people? Well, we just happen to have a few good sources right here for you…


Fashionista’s The 20 Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers: 2016 Edition is a fantastic place to start. They really hit it out of the park in a lot of ways, including diversity. Finding your style (and celebrating your style) is easier when you can see yourself represented, and there is a good amount of representation on this list..


theFashionSpot also has a “best of” list with their The 22 Fashion Blogs You Need to Follow in 2016. We would argue that you don’t necessarily need to follow all 22, that if you find one or two that match your style, you are on your way! Still it’s nice to have a good selection to choose from to get you started.

And finally, let’s have some CanCon, shall we? The Shelf offers this list of 30 Canadian Style Bloggers to Bookmark Now – perfect timing with us just having celebrated Canada Day!


We hope this post offers some relief for those of you suffering from SSD, Seasonal Style Disorder (not a real medical condition, please don’t talk to your doctor!) and that you can find your soulmate or stylemate amongst the style bloggers.

Is there a personal style blogger that you adore? Or, maybe you ARE an adored personal style blogger! Let us know who you follow, and who we should maybe follow too. Leave a comment or send us a message to help share the love!

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you back here on Friday. Have a great week, friends!




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