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Stylish Reads For Your Long Weekend


There is a lot to be said for long weekends. First of course there is a the extra day off when you don’t have to head to work, which is great. Then there are the opportunities to use that extra day to see friends and family, host or attend BBQs, spend time at cottages, hit the beach, relax at home…well the possibilities are nearly endless.


If you’re like a lot of people, summer in general and long weekends in particular might just be the time you catch up on your reading. Now we know, lots of you probably read year round, and that’s awesome, of course! But since a lot of us do have holidays and vacation during the summer months, it makes sense that the biggest reading push of the year starts to happen around the beginning of May.


That’s when we start to see the “Summer Reads” lists, and there is no shortage of these babies! It seems everyone wants to help us get a jump on our summer reading, and the lists are everywhere! They’re  in magazines, online, in the newspaper…you name it. And they sure do make it easy to choose your next read. You can also check out the public library for their picks for the best in summer books/beach reads. Libraries are the home of the Summer Reading Club (Did you participate as a kid? So much fun!) so they really know their stuff. Bookstores are also fantastic places to go to find your next favourite book. Think of their displays and all the gorgeous books on tables and shelves, just laid out for you. For a booklover, it’s open season, and it’s glorious! And, pro tip: booksellers and library people LOVE to recommend books, so if you’re stuck, just ask your friendly neighbourhood bookstore or library person and they will be happy to help you pick your next read!


Now, we at the Willow Salon blog don’t necessarily want to replace your trusted and true book lists, but we do like to help, and seeing as how not a lot of the summer book lists tend to have books about hair, makeup, or style, we thought perhaps we could fill in a couple of gaps for you. A lot of book lists focus on what they call “light” reads – easy to consume on the beach, in a hammock, etc. If you’re the type of person who maybe prefers to tackle something a little meatier (since you’ve actually got some time to read during the summer) well, welcome to the Willow Salon Blog Book Recommendations, for Summer 2016!


First up: Hair Tales


Want all the deets on one of the first and most famous icons of hair styling? Look no further than these two guides to the one and only Vidal Sassoon! Both Vidal: The Autobiography and Vidal Sassoon: How One Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors give us insight into the life, inspirations, and career of one of the most recognizable names in the hair world.vidal1


Next: You Know Her Name

When it comes to fashion goals and icons, Coco Chanel is second to none. An intriguing person with enviable business savvy and impeccable style, Chanel has fascinated us for decades. Take a look at this New York Times feature on three relatively current, and very different, books about her life and times. The NYT article The Many Faces of Coco is from 2011 but like Chanel herself, the subject is timeless.


Finally: Making Up

face paintTwo lovely books about the history of and our fascination with makeup in all its forms round out our style book suggestions for your summer reading. Face Paint: The Story of Makeup was released last year, and gives a history of makeup from ancient times to the present day in a gorgeously illustrated edition. Similarly, Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup looks at trends from the 1920s onward, as well as makeup innovations and innovators. classic beauty


What did we miss? Do you have a favourite biography or history of style that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!


Happy long weekend, blog friends! Here’s hoping we all have some time to kick back with an epic story at some point. See you Tuesday!


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