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Summertime, and the Living is…Lazy…

Let's get lazy! (photo from

Let’s get lazy!
(photo from

Have you reached that point in the summer yet where it feels like everything – including you – is moving in slow motion? Summer heat and humidity, no matter how much we love it, and how much we embrace it, can definitely slow the human body down. It seems that we’re all on the same page by mid-July. Maybe this is why the word lazy is used so much when describing summer and its related activities. “Those lazy days of summer”,”Lazing by the pool”, “Spending a lazy day in the yard/on the porch/at home…” You get the picture. Summer is the time for vacation, for beach days, for music and beer festivals, and just generally for being in less of a rush than we normally are during the rest of the year.


So taking all that into consideration, it’s no wonder the fashion and beauty sites and magazines are also on the same page, and it’s the time of the season when they all seem to drop their “Lazy Guides” – for hair, makeup, you name it. If it’s something you need to do to yourself? There is a lazy version of it, guaranteed. And just in the nick of time, too.


Behold our link roundup of everything lazy!


10 Really Lazy Ways to Look Gorgeous This Summer

Well, Glamour sure isn’t beating around the bush! Not just lazy, but really lazy! Some great tips here for getting your glow on, taming potentially frizzy hair, and how to get a more long-lasting manicure.


Marie Claire follows suit with some more good ideas that can help you look great with less effort in their 6 Lazy-Girl Beauty Trends That Will Be Your Saviors This Summer. Brand new trends including blurred lips and non-touring. Intrigued? Check it out at the link.


The Smoochies (pretty great name for a website, and one that is fairly new to us, but has a lot of cool ideas and info) is also on the lazy bandwagon with their Lazy Girl’s Guide: The Ultimate Summer Skin, Hair and Beauty Routine. Great tips here, and the whole site looks good to, so watch for more from them in the future here on the blog!


Trendy website Get The Look presents us with 4 Lazy Girl Beauty Trends That Will Become Your BFFs This Summer, featuring the lived-in hair trend, and even more about blurred lips!


And, finally, from, what might be the ultimate in lazy, Why Washed-Out Hair Color Is This Summer’s Best Lazy Beauty Statement. Hmmm….thoughts? This might not be our favourite, but a trend is a trend is a trend, and if Vogue is on it, well…we should probably pay attention!


Lazy-person guides, beauty hacks, whatever you want to call them, we’ll take all the help we can get during these extreme temperatures! And we hope you are getting the most out of these lazy summer days too. Soak up all the summer you can, because before you know it, we’ll be bringing that F-word back into our vocabulary. You know the one…*** 

Enjoy the week, blogfriends! Stay lazy, if you possibly can, and we’ll see you back here on Friday.



***(pssst: it’s Fall, not sure what you were thinking!)

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