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Tuesday Trends, Mid-July Edition: Colour!

During mid-summer, a lot of changes happen in our landscape. Probably the biggest thing we start to notice is the fading colour.
Now, don’t worry, there’s still lots of summer colour out there and more still to come, but you have to admit, things maybe just aren’t quite as lush as they were a month ago.

And that’s ok, that’s what happens. Spring is the time of most intense colour in our world, when leaves start to bud, and turn a
vibrant green, lawns likewise. Flowers bloom in bulk, really. Garden centres let loose with a huge amount of colourful plants and
flowers too, and it’s such a thing of beauty after the stark colourless winter.

But by mid- and late July, well a lot of the bloom is a thing of the past. Lawns – especially this year – are going dormant, and turning brownish, and the once intense green of the trees is fading just a tiny bit. Early summer flowers are done, and we are starting to see the later summer hues which are just a bit less vibrant, and a bit more muted. But, doesn’t that just make us appreciate the intense colours of autumn even more?

And speaking of autumn…

Hey, it’s not our fault, all the fashion magazines and sites have their fall trend previews on right now! Remember in a recent post
we talked about that F-word, Fall? Well it’s bound to happen, and yes, it seems early, but it’s also a good time to get inspired for
what is to come. So let’s take a look at what we can expect for fall 2016. Specifically – and this should help to ease us in – let’s talk
about colour trends.

Digging Dark Denim

IMG_7075Who doesn’t love the return to denim after a long, hot summer? Denim reminds us of back-to-school time, new jeans, new jackets,
and what to wear on that first day back in class. ELLE Canada is showing us that the Canadian tuxedo (ie head to toe denim) is back, baby (although some would argue it never left, but that’s another story!) and even InStyle is encouraging us to suit up
accordingly. Think dark, indigo, navy denim though, no light wash to be found this fall!


Pink and Mustard and White and Purple…oh…my?


Once again, ELLE Canada has the scoop on the colouIMG_7073rs that will be front and centre this Fall and Winter season, and they are pretty great. Maybe not all together at one time? Or maybe that’s actually your plan, in which case, you do you, friends! Wear these
colours full-on, or use them as accents as shown in these images from InStyle magazine.

Also, check InStyle’s Fall 2016 Bag Report for some great use of colour. Nothing pops like a bright handbag, wristlet or clutch – and
these gorgeous ones sure do set our handbag-loving hearts aflutter.


There is plenty more to check out in the mags with their fall and winter trend predictions (Biker, Motocross, and Victorian chic
anyone?) and if you’re a dedicated follower of fashion, this is YOUR time of year! Let us know the trends you’re most excited for.
And you can bet we will also be on top of hair colour and style trends for fall and winter too. All in good time.


Thankfully we’ve still got more summer to enjoy. See you back here Friday!

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