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Amla? Tamanu? Aveda’s Ingredient Glossary is Here!

Welcome back, and welcome to Friday! It’s another scorcher in the city, but it’s nearly the weekend, it’s Art Crawl night, and apparently some cooler weather is on the way tonight and throughout the weekend. So we’ve got that going for us!


There is something new from Aveda that we want to talk about today, mainly because a) it’s new and b) it’s SO COOL and c) it’s super interesting and informative. Bet you’re intrigued, so we’ll get straight to it.


Aveda now has a fabulous Ingredient Glossary available on their website! And what is a glossary? Well, the word itself can be defined as “an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.” (Thanks, internet!) Now this dry definition might not sound all that fabulous, BUT, you need to have a look at the Aveda Ingredient Glossary to get the full effect. ingredient glossary


First, the ingredients are mostly from nature, or as Aveda says, naturally derived – we’re talking fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, etc. And the photography is stunning. Next, ok, so you might know your shampoo or conditioner contains buriti, but do you know what buriti is? Well now you can find out!


The glossary also lets us know where the ingredient comes from, and how it has been used over the years, and in which Aveda products you can find it. You can spend hours browsing through, learning about ingredients, and just marvelling at the beauty of them all!

Buriti! Now you know!

Buriti! Now you know!

The glossary doesn’t contain absolutely every ingredient used by Aveda, but the two dozen or so that are listed are some of the favourites. No word as of yet if more ingredients will be added to the glossary, but even if not, this interactive and lovely page is off to a great start!


Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay as cool as you can under the circumstances, and we’ll talk to you on Tuesday!


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