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Friday Five: August Heatwave Edition

It is that time again, blog friends! Let’s hear it for Friday, and for this month’s Friday Five!

Pretty sure you’ve all got the gist of it by now, so we’ll get right to it. This month we are featuring the lovely Meagan, and her #Fri5 faves. So tell us, Meagan, what’s going on this weekend for you?

One place:

My fiancé and I are going to head up to Bala, Muskoka this Saturday to visit a couple of our friends who live up there. I can’t wait to just relax by the water, and sip on some vino, of course!

One outfit:

I actually just ordered two new bikinis online last week and they arrived already! One is from “Triangl”; they make their swimsuits out of a thicker neoprene fabric so they’re a little sporty but still super cute, and the other from a Swedish company called Chiquelle. So I’m planning on wearing at least one this weekend.

One product:

My one go-to product right now is definitely our dry shampoo. It smells soooo good and I use it even when my hair is freshly washed just because it gives it such nice volume and texture. It also helps for extending the time between actual shampoos (obviously), which is nice because it can be pretty drying to wash your hair too often.

One song:

One song that I love right now is “Tidal Wave” by Sub Focus ft. Alpines. It isn’t exactly new, but I have it on my phone and always seem to put it on at least once while I’m driving because I just never get sick of it.

One word:

One word to describe my approach to the upcoming weekend would be fun. I just want to have a fun weekend, with lots of wine! Is that the second time I mentioned wine? Oh well!

Thanks so much, Meagan! Enjoy your Muskoka getaway – bikinis, wine and all! And you enjoy your weekend too, friends! As always, thanks for reading, and see you back here next week.

Now dance off into the weekend with Meagan’s go-to tune!


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