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Help For That Awkward “Season” Between Summer & Fall

We have reached mid-August, friends. This is when we start to hear ads for the CNE, and of course those pesky Back-to-School signs start popping up in our favourite stores too. The roads are clear-ish, as people take their last days of vacation, and all the kids try to pack literally EVERYTHING fun in before Labour Day and their return to the daily grind.


And speaking of heading back to school, do you remember carefully choosing your first day of school outfit? It had to be on point, didn’t it? To set the tone for the school year, of course! But the trouble was always the choices we made.


Who doesn’t remember sweating profusely but refusing to wear anything other than that brand new sweater – never a better name for that garment – on the first day of school? Or maybe for you it was the excitement of new jeans, even though just the day before you were lounging in the heat in shorts and a tank top. Did you wear a uniform to school? How scratchy was that kilt and how stiff were those shoes after a summer of relaxing in bathing suits and flip flops? It’s like we expect there to be a magical wall where all of a sudden bam, it’s fall. And the air is crisp, the leaves are colourful and gently falling to the ground, and we look really adorable picking apples in plaid and corduroy, in chunky knit sweaters, and tights and boots.


Sadly the seasons don’t work that way – at least in Southern Ontario they don’t – so we really do need a bit of help with the transition to fall, especially in the wardrobe department. Sure we have to head back to reality and all the wardrobe trappings that go with it – work appropriate, business casual, closed-toed shoes, etc. But we don’t have to like it.


Thankfully there are some great sources that can help us extend the lives of our summer clothes and make them work for fall. This time of year all the magazines – print and online – seem to have a feature or two with their guidance and expertise. Here are just a few that we found that might be able to help:


Let’s start with InStyle and their Double-Duty: How to Transition Summer Pieces Into Fall. Good tips, and even a few “why didn’t I think of that?” revelations to help you shift into fall while still wearing your summery clothes.


Fashion Magazine asked their experts for tips on taking the summer well into the fall, at least when it comes to your wardrobe. Nice, practical tips here: 8 Ways to Transition Your Favourite Summer Pieces Into Fall.


The Marilyn Denis Show has a short video with summer looks you can take to the fall, as well as some sneak peeks at what is going to be hot for the coming season. Everything You Need to Know to Stylishly Transition Your Wardrobe This Fall.


Finally, are you in denial that summer will ever come to an end? Pop Sugar has your back with their guide to endless summer and How to Live Out the Rest of the Summer in Your Favorite Wardrobe Staples.


So whether you’re anxious for the cooler temperatures and fall fun, or your goal is to be a beach babe (or dude) forever, those are a few options how to make your style work in that weird, in-between stage of not-quite-summer-not-yet-fall.


What are your tried and true tips for bridging the gap between summer and fall? Let us know in the comments!


Thanks for reading, friends! Enjoy this ultra rainy Tuesday, and we’ll chat again on Friday.


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