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Introducing Tulasāra

Ah, routine. Remember routine? Long before the summer sun and fun, vacation and road trips, there was routine. Work or school, and a steady diet of organization, planning and scheduling.


It’s easy during the summer months to fall out of a routine, and while it can be exhilarating to be living life unscheduled and uninhibited by self-imposed rules and regulations, sometimes we think wistfully of the regular daily grind. As mundane as it can be, compared to the freedom of summertime, many of us do look forward to a return to routine, to getting back to that comfort of knowing exactly what each day will bring. You know, as much as possible, obviously anything can happen!


Often too, after the excesses of summer, people plan all sorts of ways to get back on track. Whether it’s eating better (vacation, bbqs, late nights on patios, festivals, etc. can all take a toll on our food and beverage intake!) exercising more (sometimes when it’s too hot we just want to laze around) or even getting back to a proper hair and skincare routine. As we’ve talked about in previous posts, all that salt, chlorine, sun, and wind can do a number on us.


If taking better care of your skin is a post-Labour Day goal for you, you are in all kinds of luck, because Aveda has JUST LAUNCHED their newest skincare line, and it is a thing of beauty.


Meet Tulasāra.




The Living Aveda blog describes it like this:


“The story of Tulasāra™ starts with the wisdom of ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners, who believed that balanced skin is beautiful skin, and extends to the present-day Aveda labs in which naturally derived ingredients provide the foundation for advanced treatments. In short, it weaves the best of what’s old with the best of what’s new into Aveda’s completely new beauty paradigm—advanced science, ayurvedic wisdom, and proven results.”


There is a lot to talk about with this new line, and over the next couple of blog posts, we will be bringing you more information about the Tulasāra products, their ingredients (a great opportunity to use the fantastic new Ingredient Glossary) usage, benefits, and more.


It’s never too early – or too late – to start thinking about getting back into a daily routine, and with Tulasāra to look forward to, it might just help you kickstart your plans for the fall.


Thanks for reading, and tune in next Tuesday for more about Tulasāra.


attentionOne final note:

Did you know it’s Cactus Festival weekend in Dundas? It is! And it’s going to be a perfect weekend to take part in all the festivities! If you are heading to Willow, please remember to give yourself a bit of extra time in order to navigate the downtown area, find parking, etc.


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