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Need (Hair) Help? Willow and Aveda Have the Remedy

Well now, is it just us, or does everyone feel that August really kind of snuck up on us this year? You know, the summer was just humming right along all through July and then – bam – August! Now granted, we are only two days into this final full month of summer, but August does bring with it the anticipation of the next season, so it can be a bit of a shock to realize we are already there.


And, if we are going by the school year calendar (and most of us do, let’s be honest) August is the month when we really need to pack in as much summer as we can, because we know that by Labour Day, it’s back to routine – even, it seems, if you’re not heading back to school.


Sometimes routine is a good thing, and a lot of us do look forward to that return to a daily and weekly schedule. The most free spiritedness of us, mind you, might see that scheduling of life as more of a downer, and for those of you in that situation, we do sympathize. Summer is the time for spontaneity for sure, for making plans on the fly, for letting a few things (like oh, maybe household chores???) slide a little bit.


Given the spontaneity of summer, things like our hair and beauty routine can slide a little bit as well, and that’s perfectly ok. We’ve already talked a bit about some of the beauty hacks and ways to keep cool with minimal effort on our part. But by this time of the summer, even some of those simple ideas can seem like too much work. Sun, heat, humidity, endless plans, and possibly not as much sleep as usual can mess us up, but fortunately Aveda has something that can really help – you hair, anyway. You’re on your own with the household chores.


IMG_7200We teased this last week on our Instagram page, but Aveda’s Dry Remedy is exactly what the (hair) doctor ordered for this final month of summer. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing hair masque and a daily moisturizing oil. Each product is fantastic and will add much-needed moisture back to your hair, helping to reverse any damage from sun, wind, heat, and sweat, that might have occurred this summer.


Now while all the Dry Remedy products are wonderful and beneficial, we mostly want to talk about the little magical bottle of Daily Moisturizing Oil. Ok, it’s not exactly magical, but it’s one of those products that feels like it might be doing magic to your hair! Just a couple of drops of this gorgeous-smelling oil can transform your dry, crispy ends, and turn them back into the soft and silky locks your remember, before all the summer hazards got to them! It really is that great, and even if you can’t commit to the entire Dry Remedy routine right now, a bottle of Daily Moisturizing Oil can literally save the day. d_201412_mpp_banner_dryremedy


Grab a bottle, and add it to your beach bag, your overnight bag, your bathroom shelf. Use a few drops daily to add moisture and shine while you enjoy the last few weeks of summer fun. And, while we hate to get too far ahead of ourselves, getting into the habit of using the Daily Moisturizing Oil will serve you well come winter too…but we’ll save that for another time.

Enjoy the rest of this short week, friends! We’ll see you back here on Friday!

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