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Tulasāra Part II: Getting Started

Welcome back to the work week, and welcome too to another installment of the blog! Let’s pick up where we left off on Friday by continuing our chat about the new Aveda skincare line Tulasāra.


Given that it’s an Aveda line of products, we already know that it will be fantastic, that it will be made from naturally derived ingredients, and that it will provide your skin with the most amazing cleansing and moisturising possible. And, finally, it will smell incredible. Because

Aveda products always do! But what else do you need to know?


When you begin to use the Tulasāra products, you start by dry brushing – face, neck, décolleté – the whole works. Dry brushing helps to slough dead skin cells and increase circulation, which in turn helps to increase the skin’s radiance.


Following the dry brushing procedure comes a facial massage with the Oleation Oil. Again, massage helps with circulation and radiance, and is a nice way to wake yourself up! Who doesn’t like a nice massage?


See the proper procedures for dry brushing and massage in this short video, and be mesmerized by the lovely soundtrack too!






After the massage, the oil is to be left on the skin for four minutes, in order to maximize the benefits. Four minutes? Hmmm…what will you do for those four minutes to start your day? While it’s tempting to think of things like “down that third cup of coffee!” or “run around getting organized for the day, duh!” here are a few suggestions that are all about you:


Now, doesn’t that seem like a better way to start your day?


Tune in on Friday, blog friends, and we will have Part III of our look at the lovely Tulasāra from Aveda. Enjoy the week!


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