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Tulasāra Part III: The Final Roundup

Good morning, and happy almost-weekend! QUITE the rain we had yesterday evening, wasn’t it? We know the lawns and plants and flowers loved it. And it even helped cool things down a little bit for us humans too, so a big thanks to Mother Nature!


We’re back for the third installment in our look at Aveda’s newest skincare line, Tulasāra. On Tuesday we introduced the Radiant Awakening Ritual, a lovely and invigorating way to begin your day. Today we are going to finish off with what comes next. And what comes next depends on you. And, more specifically, what your skin needs.


The heat of the summer can play havoc with your skin, and we know, trust us we know we have trotted out that old chestnut numerous times this summer! But it’s true. And, with the arrival of Tulasāra, it’s like Aveda is right there with us, telling us the same thing. We sweat, and we deal with sun, with wind, with air conditioning, and with makeup that may or may not stay on our faces all day. We swim in salt and chlorine, and by this time of the summer, our skin might just be ready to throw up its hands (you know, if it had hands) and say “I’m done!”


So what have you noticed about your skin this summer? A loss of radiance? Unevenness or discolouration? Dullness? Redness? Don’t worry. Tulasāra to the rescue!


tulasarabrightTulasāra Bright can help with all over radiance helping create a much more even skin tone. It also helps reduce discolouration, and aids in hydration, something we can all use during these last hot weeks of Summer 2016.


Tulasāra Firm does just that for skin – firms and tones, helps tighten and also hydrates, while Calm soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, and can be used on sensitive skin.tulasarafirm


You can learn more about Tulasāra on the always fantastic Living Aveda Blog as well as from the Aveda Canada site. And, of course, you can always visit us at Willow to see and experience the products for yourself!


In case you haven’t already figured it out, we are VERY excited for this new skincare line, and we are thrilled to be able to bring it to you. Tulasāra feels like a true maturing of Aveda skincare – both in products and also in development, the way Aveda looks to the past in order to create something exceptional in the present. We love this more mindful approach to skincare, the way the products encourage a slower pace. These are definitely not the “slap it on and go” kind of products! Tulasāra helps you start your day with an almost meditative ritual, one that can benefit mind and body, and of course, encourage healthy, radiant, and beautiful skin.

Thank you for tuning in to our tour of Tulasāra, and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!

Enjoy the weekend, friends! Hope you’re able to squeeze as much fun as possible out of these last few weeks of summer. See you Tuesday!

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