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Face-Framing Colour and the Customization of All Things Beauty

Tuesday seems to be our day to talk about trends on the Willow Salon blog, and we’ve got another big one for you today, this time in the world of hair colour. In fact, it’s part of an even larger trend that is starting to become more and more recognizable as it works its way into the mainstream, starting to affect the consumer. And, as you’ll see as you read on, that’s kind of a good thing.


The trend we are talking about is the move toward personalized, or customized, beauty and skincare products, and the move away from the same old “one size (or colour) fits all” attitude that has dominated for a long time. It’s an intriguing concept, particularly if you’ve grown up and come of age in the years or decades previously, where your best bet was to find a product – maybe foundation, maybe a lipstick – that was as close as possible a match to your skin, your complexion, to what you were specifically looking for. You’ve probably been there: “This lipstick is great…if only it were a little less red” or “Well, this foundation is fine I guess, just wish it were a tiny bit darker…no, that next one is too dark.” Sound familiar? Well, welcome to the future where all your customized product dreams can come true!


Allure Magazine has a great article from earlier this summer about the rise of the made-to-order beauty trend, with some insight from Sephora’s senior vice president of merchandising:


“Our beauty client today is more educated and engaged than ever before…She is selective, and more important, she is informed and intrigued by beauty offerings. She has a strong knowledge of ingredient and formula benefits, so she is seeking personalized products that meet her distinct needs.”


Thanks to the internet, of course, it is easier than ever to be informed about pretty much everything, and with this rise of the well-educated cosmetics shopper, companies are taking notice, and providing these shoppers with what they want.


Refinery29 has a nice roundup of some products that are currently available on the market that can be developed specifically for you, to meet your skincare, haircare, and cosmetic needs. As they say in the article, “Get ready to feel fancy.”


Because, really, what could be fancier than products designed and created especially for you? Again, if this is the future of beauty, eventually it will be an expectation that all the products we need and want will be custom. But for now, it still really does feel very “Ooh-la-la!” doesn’t it?

Aveda has also seen the trend toward more and more customization of products – so much so that they have developed Eclipting™,  a technique that highlights our best features, and brings them to the forefront, using colour.


The always on-top-of-things Living Aveda blog has a nice interview with Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Directory, Hair Colour, where he talks about the inspiration for this exciting new technique, and the reasons behind it:


“When imagining the best color for a person, I always look carefully at their features,” says Black. In fact, he has developed a technique called “Eclipting™” that can be compared to facial contouring, but for the hair. “There’s been a lot of talk of contouring for faces. It’s all aimed at bringing out the best in somebody. In the past, we’ve always talked about what tones or color palette will flatter someone. But this technique is more like framing, and if you think about a photo, whenever you stick it in a frame, it pops more,” says Black. “With the Eclipting™ service, I’m using Aveda hair color to create subtle shading placed under a fringe, or around the hairline if there are no bangs, to gently frame the face and bring out what’s beautiful about the individual.”


With Eclipting™, you’re not only getting the colour you are craving, but you’re also getting a personalized version of that colour, based on what you – and your colourist – feel you want to highlight. When it comes to customization, Black goes on to say:


“If I want to show your eyes off, I’ll take it darker just under the fringe. If I want to make your face look thinner, I might extend the darkness to the sides, which creates illusion of pushing the cheeks in a bit. Color can also be used to offset the density of your hair, says Black. If it’s thin, for example, layering a deeper color underneath can create the illusion of fullness.


Just like a skincare product designed for you based on your skin’s needs, or a foundation created for your exact skin tone, Aveda’s newest Eclipting™ technique helps frame your face with the perfect blend of colour that is unique to your face, and your face alone. It’s a fantastic revelation, and another step in beauty customization that is truly exciting.


Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video and get a sense of what Eclipting™ is all about:



We are loving this, and really loving the whole idea of customized beauty products. A nice way to kick off the autumn season!

Until Friday, friends. Enjoy the week!

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