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Friday Fun: London Calling

Happy Friday, and welcome (officially!) to fall. I guess summer had it’s last gasp yesterday, with those hot temperatures, but it definitely feels fall-like today. A bit dreary and the chance of some rain, but that’s ok. We’ve got something to beat those rainy day blues.


We talked last week about New York Fashion Week, and what a wild ride that always is, and then we teased a little bit about London Fashion Week which came immediately after NYFW. LFW ended Tuesday, and it was everything you might expect. You can check out the highlights here if you need another fashion week fix:


There is a lot of talk in this highlight video about London being fearless, about how the next wave of the greatest designers will come from London, etc. Which is exciting, indeed. But if there’s one thing most of the rest of the world has known, it’s that London, like a lot of the world’s biggest cities, has always been edgy, has always been forward-thinking, and has always been the place where people can strut their unique style – fearlessly.


This brings us to an excellent Buzzfeed gallery that you may have seen. It was making the rounds on social media this week, and for a bit of Friday fun, we thought we’d highlight it on the blog today. 

Fox Photos / Stringer / Getty Images From Buzzfeed

Fox Photos / Stringer / Getty Images
From Buzzfeed


28 Stunning Photos of London Street Style Through the Decades really is just that – stunning. We all know that street style and street fashion sometimes has its roots in high fashion, where the fashionable “regular” people take inspiration from the runway looks and make them their own. But, street style often inspires designers too, so what you eventually see on the runway actually was out there on the street first. It kind of makes you think of the chicken and the egg,  in a sort of “Which came first?” paradox. 

Charlie Phillips / Getty Images From Buzzfeed

Charlie Phillips / Getty Images
From Buzzfeed

When you look through the photos – and you really must, they are fantastic – take a look not only at the styles, at the fashion, but look at the people too. For decades upon decades, London has been an extremely diverse city, and it’s nice to see some of that diversity reflected in this gallery of photos. Look at the surroundings, the landscape. Imagine the events that led to these photos being snapped. Look at the faces – some smiling, some defiant, some aware of the camera, some not. It’s a fascinating time capsule, isn’t it? 

Felix Man / Stringer / Getty Images

Felix Man / Stringer / Getty Images From Buzzfeed


The clothes, of course, are great. As are the hairstyles, the shoes…everything! Maybe you see your style reflected in these shots, from whatever decade speaks to you, whichever decade saw you develop your own street style. Or maybe you’re seeing some of these looks on the streets now, because as they always say, “everything old is new again.”


The big name designers may be highly influential with their fashion weeks and runway shows, but sometimes you just get inspired by three feisty-looking women from the 1940s with incredible hair, wearing bathing suits with heels, for the purpose of…what? A beauty pageant maybe? Who knows! The why might be lost to time, but thankfully this ultimate squad goals photo lives on for us to enjoy today. 


Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend! See you Tuesday.

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