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Hitting the Books: New Releases from the Fashion World

We are still in a Back-to-School frame of mind, here at the Willow Salon blog, friends. We can’t help it! Watching the buses roll along, the kids and teens walking with backpacks, thinking about all the great things they’re going to learn…well, it’s an exciting time!


Since we are closing out the last day of the first week of the school year, we thought we would bring some of that learning to you, so today we are going to take a look at some new releases in the publishing world – but more specifically, those books with a fashion slant.


The Style Icons

IMG_7504Our good friends at Fashion magazine have a nice roundup of some about-to-be published books that fit the bill, including a couple of icons that have legendary status in the fashion world. First up Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion features a rare interview with Bardot, her take on the designers she inspired, as well as her life in film and fashion.


Switching gears into something a bit more modern now. When you hear the name RuPaul do you think Singer? Actor? Fashion icon? All of the above? Well if any or all of these intrigue you, you might want to pick up The Essential RuPaul: Herstory, Philosophy & Her Fiercest Queens for the scoop on everything RuPaul, behind-the-scenes info from Drag Race and much more. 



diorSwitching gears again, and this time back to the classics, Wome Dior: Portraits of Elegance is “An exquisite celebration of Dior’s most glamorous clients and the dresses they have brought to life.” Dozens of gorgeous photos, some until now unpublished illustrations, and letters from the Dior archives make this a must-have for fans of the classic house of fashion! 


The Visionaries


You might not know her name, but if you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you will undoubtedly recognize her designs. In the first book about French designer Martine Sitbon, entitled Martine Sitbon: Alternative Vision, readers can get a sense of the woman responsible for bringing the house of Chloé back to life in the 1980s. martine


A name you might know quite well is designer Carolina Herrera, and being released next month is the very first book about her life and career, just in time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the influential designer’s fashion house, take a look at its history, and see what the future holds as well.


Finally, another visionary, this time in the world of fashion photography. Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography takes a stunning look at the man who took the very first photos of what became the very first supermodels, back in 1989. Over 400 of Lindbergh’s signature images are included in this gorgeous book. Again, his name is one you might not know, but guaranteed you’ll know his subjects. lindbergh

So if you need your book fix AND your fashion fix, these fall new releases have you covered!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone, see you Tuesday!

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