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Tuesday Trend: Rose Gold Forever?

We like to talk a bit about trends on Tuesday, and one of the biggest of the last couple of years is the trend toward all things rose gold. Rose gold is lovely indeed, and it is everywhere. Think jewelry like wedding bands and watches, bracelets and pendants. iPhones and Mac Books are available in rose gold, and if you don’t have a rose gold phone you can get a rose gold case! We’re seeing rose gold in home decor as well, things like vases and glassware, throw pillows and even kitchen appliances. So what’s the deal? This Wired article from back in the spring is a good read about the popularity of rose gold, and why it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden: Why Everybody and Your Mom is Obsessed With Rose Gold.  

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But once something is indeed everywhere as we claim, can it still be considered a trend? This article from Style Noted makes the case for rose gold having jumped directly from hot new trend to classic look. And it’s true, in the sense that to see a rose gold phone or lamp or whatever is just kind of a regular occurrence these days. But something that can be considered an up and coming trend is rose gold hair. 

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You’ve probably seen it on some celebrities, and maybe some of the movers and shakers around town, so we can’t deny it, it’s all happening! And, there is a lot of variety when it comes to this colour – everything from a subtle hint of a blush to an all over rosey rose, to a graduated kind of an ombre – there is a lot that can be done with this lovely look!


Check out some of the gorgeous looks via PopSugar here and here for lots of rose gold hair inspiration!


Marie Claire Australia has a small gallery of Instagram photos featuring the trend as well, and Refinery29 breaks it down for us too with The Raddest Way to Wear Colorful Hair Right Now.

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Finally, Elle UK has their roundup with Rose Gold Hair Inspiration: The Colour Of The Season which features A-list celebs sporting rose gold tresses.


Will rose gold outlast the trendiness and become a classic on the hair scene too? Well, from the hundreds of photos on Instagram and Pinterest, to the dozens of articles about achieving the look, and how the colour flatters everyone, it would seem as though it’s here to stay. Only time will tell, as the saying goes, but we’re looking forward to seeing how far this trend will go. 

Feeling inspired? You know what to do. See you at Willow, friends!

And see you back here on Friday too! Enjoy this last week of September, everyone.




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