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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Halloween Vibes…And That Other “H” Word

Welcome to Friday, blogfriends! We are down to the last Friday of October – and seriously, how did that happen? Monday is Halloween, that most wonderful time of the year when you can feel free to eat all the candy you want! Or, if you’re extra savvy, you’ll wait until November 1st when it’s all…

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Tuesday Tools: Get ‘Em Organized!

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! You made it through Monday, you beautiful people, so congratulations on that accomplishment. Today we are going to be talking about tools. It’s Tuesday, after all, and Tuesday Tools has a pretty nice ring to it. More specifically we want to talk about the organization of said tools and…

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Friday Fun: Keep Calm and Colour On

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s hoping you had a stellar week, and are looking forward to a nice weekend. Any plans? Often weekends are the busiest part of our week, or at least it seems that way. It’s like we try to pack in 5-7 days worth of activities, events, and errands in those two sweet,…

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My Better Business Half + Kim = A Great Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wanted to know how great businesses got their start? Perhaps how your favourite restaurant came to be, or how (and maybe even why) that antique store you love so much came into being. There is usually a good story to go along with any business start-up adventure, and a lot of it…

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Friday Fun: A Great New Product and Some Very Special Wishes

We’ve made it to Friday, friends! Not a long weekend this time, but it is still a weekend and that is definitely something to celebrate. In fact, we are SO stoked for the weekend that we are going to tell you a little secret.   Aveda has launched a fabulous new product, and it hits…

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Post-Thanksgiving Roundup: Accessories, the Side Dishes of the Fashion World

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Who’s got leftovers in their lunch today? Who’s still feeling the effects of too much pie? Too much turkey? Too much everything? We feel you, friends. It’s always a time of excess, but that’s ok. It’s only a 3-day weekend, after all. Think of it as the warm-up…

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Friday Five: Thanksgiving Long Weekend Edition!

Congratulations! You, and you, and you – well all of us, really – made it to Friday! And what’s really worth celebrating is that not only is it Friday, but it’s also the Friday of Thanksgiving Weekend! And, for even more reason to celebrate, at the Willow Salon blog it is also time for another…

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Feeling Stressed? Follow Your Nose!

Ah, October. We’ve been back in the swing of things – school and work-wise – for about a month now. How does it feel? If you’re in school or have people in your house who are in school, you might be finding that it’s getting to feel a bit like crunch time. It doesn’t matter…

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