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Friday Fun: A Great New Product and Some Very Special Wishes

We’ve made it to Friday, friends! Not a long weekend this time, but it is still a weekend and that is definitely something to celebrate. In fact, we are SO stoked for the weekend that we are going to tell you a little secret.


Aveda has launched a fabulous new product, and it hits the shelves at Willow next Wednesday! We were going to keep it a surprise until then, but hey, it’s Friday, the sun is shining, and frankly we just couldn’t keep it under our hat any longer!


Introducing Aveda’s newest member of the Damage Remedy family, Damage Remedy Split End Repairsplitendrepair


This nourishing leave-in treatment instantly repairs split ends – for real! Thanks to Nangai oil, separated pieces of the hair are attracted back together, and the results are fantastic. In fact, this product ensures that ends stay together until you next wash your hair, which is great news indeed.


Watch the short video below that shows the proper way to apply the product and the results that you can expect: soft, healthy ends, and way less frizz. If you are one of those people where winter +  hats + hair = frizz this might just be your saviour as we get closer to that coldest of seasons.

As an aside, the always on point Living Aveda Blog has some great tips for soft, touchable hair for all seasons, that make mention of Aveda’s Damage Remedy line. It’s a good read for sure, we always recommend a visit to that site for advice on #HairGoals!

And, as always, for more information and to check the product out, visit Willow Salon and talk to your Willow stylist about how this can work for you!

Happiest of days, Rachael!

Happiest of days, Rachael!

Finally, before we sign off for this week, we would like to send love and all best wishes to our lovely Rachael who is getting married tomorrow! It looks like the weather will be absolutely perfect, and we hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day with family and friends, and of course, the love of your life. Cheers to both of you, and Rachael, if you’re reading this, we’d love a couple of photos for the blog…just sayin’… 🙂

Cheers to Rachael, and cheers to all of you too. Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you here on Tuesday!


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