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Halloween Vibes…And That Other “H” Word

Welcome to Friday, blogfriends!

We are down to the last Friday of October – and seriously, how did that happen? Monday is Halloween, that most wonderful time of the year when you can feel free to eat all the candy you want! Or, if you’re extra savvy, you’ll wait until November 1st when it’s all on sale and then eat all the candy! Either way, there is a candy coming very soon, and not too many of us would complain about that.

Once Halloween is over and all the front lawn skeletons and tombstones are put away for another year, it’s time for that other  H word – you know the one. And that one is a biggie. Yes, we are talking about the Holidays, of course, and with the onset of November, we are automatically thrust into the Holiday Season, and there is no turning back until January.

But even before that all gets started next week, Aveda has launched their holiday gift line, and you can find more about it herecandrima

This year, Aveda is introducing their limited edition Candrimā, a gorgeous trio that includes a creme cleansing oil, a body moisturizer, and the always lovely hand relief moisturizing creme, with the Candrimā aroma.

Sesame and coconut oils provide the base for these lovely new products, while organic ginger and ginger lily add to the overall calming effect and the luxurious, comforting scent. This is definitely one to experience up close and personal in the salon!

Now while some of you out there might be thinking “But aaaahhhh it’s too early to be thinking of holiday gift shopping!” there are definitely others who are thinking “Well finally, I’ve been working on my holiday shopping for months now!” And we salute both types of holiday facers! If you’re among the extra-organized, well you might be able to knock a couple more things off your list now. And, if you’re a last-minute type, well now you know you’ve got a go-to in a pinch!

There is a lot more to see at, and at Willow Salon. And, we will have much, much more to come surrounding the upcoming holiday season as well. Think best party looks, more gift ideas, and (likely) food info too. It’s inevitable, and we might as well embrace it.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday for a post-Halloween too-much-candy-sugar-rush blog post! You know, probably…

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