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My Better Business Half + Kim = A Great Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wanted to know how great businesses got their start? Perhaps how your favourite restaurant came to be, or how (and maybe even why) that antique store you love so much came into being. There is usually a good story to go along with any business start-up adventure, and a lot of it has to do with taking a passion and making it your very own. Or, striking out on a whim, because the entrepreneurial spirit cannot be tamed. And, in some cases, perhaps it was necessity – an idea that filled a gap in the market that wasn’t there. There are HUNDREDS of reasons people take the plunge, the leap, the risk – whatever you want to call it – and venture out of comfort zones and steady paycheques to heed the calling of entrepreneurship. Eleven years ago our very own Kim did that, and the end result is your favourite salon, of course! Want to know more about how Willow got to be Willow? Yeah you do!


A couple of weeks ago, Kim sat down with Chris Farias and Jenn Hudder from Kitestring to record the 20th episode of their fantastic podcast My Better Business Half. MBBH has Chris and Jenn talking about what they do best, and what they’ve learned along the way since they launched their  Hamilton-based company in 2007. For season two of the MBBH podcast, Chris and Jenn bring some special guests into the studio: local entrepreneurs and business people in the Greater Hamilton area, who also have great information, experience, and passion to share with listeners.


It’s a match made in podcast heaven, honestly. Chris and Jenn are absolutely MADE for this media – just like they are made for each other in business. The podcasts are fun, they’re often hilarious, and they are super informative and interesting. You can tell that the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously, but what they do indeed take very seriously is their company, their promise to their clients, and their guests. Listen to the two of them chat with each other and with their guests and try to tell us that you a) don’t want to hang with them or b) don’t want to hire them or c) don’t want to be on their podcast. That is three trick questions in a row, friends, because you CANNOT.


Now, here’s the description of the episode featuring Kim:


“Eleven years ago, Kim Murkovich took a risk. With a few family loans and a lot of work, she opened Willow Salon.

Last year, she made the decision to put down the scissors, step away from the chair and work on her growing her business full-time. Listen in as she discusses her transition, the need to build fabulous team and the importance of a supportive community.”


And here is where you can listen to it!


We get a little bit of background as to how Kim and Chris met (which is a really great story in itself) and then Kim and her hosts get right into all the details about how the Willow you know and love got its start. That also is a great story. Along the way we get a bit Kim’s philosophy for growing her team, and some insight into what it means to be a business owner and the sole proprietor of a successful salon. It’s a really nice segment, and Kim, while not internationally known, is (now) known to rock a microphone. You’re a natural, Kim!


Once you’ve heard the story of Willow, do yourself a favour and go back and listen to the others. They are all excellent and highly enjoyable, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone interested in the movers and shakers of #HamOnt and beyond. And, so you don’t miss future episodes, subscribe on iTunes!


Thanks to Chris and Jenn and the My Business Better Half for featuring Kim on this episode, and keep up the fab podcast. We’ll be listening!


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