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Post-Thanksgiving Roundup: Accessories, the Side Dishes of the Fashion World

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Who’s got leftovers in their lunch today? Who’s still feeling the effects of too much pie? Too much turkey? Too much everything? We feel you, friends. It’s always a time of excess, but that’s ok. It’s only a 3-day weekend, after all. Think of it as the warm-up weekend prior to the REAL excess which is the December holiday season! That, as we know, goes on for weeks! So consider it training…you know, sure…right???


At any rate, we hope you enjoyed your weekend, and if you did have a Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family and friends, we hope you enjoyed that too.


And tell us: what is your favourite part of the big holiday dinner? Are you fan of the main event? And by main event we mean the turkey, the ham, the roast, the Tofurky, the whatever you have that is the “star” of the show. Or, are you more into the side dishes? Potatoes, turnip, stuffing, corn, yams, green beans…you get the picture. Or maybe, just maybe, you are all about the dessert! Pie, glorious pie! Cake, tarts, cupcakes, cookies, whatever it is, if it’s sugary and sweet you are on it! There’s really no wrong answer here, but the reason we’re asking is because we are about to talk accessories. And if you’re a fan of the dishes the dress up the main course, then you might also be a fan of the bits and pieces that dress up the other star of the event…ie YOU.


And yes, we really just did link food and accessories, but hey. It’s the post-Thanksgiving edition of the blog, and we’ve still got food on our collective mind, so let’s dig in.


Fall officially arrived a few weeks ago, but it’s actually just started feeling like fall recently, and we all know how difficult it can be when you want to bust out the new season’s clothes and looks, but the weather is still trapped in the previous season. A lot of the time this means accessories to the rescue! Hats and scarves, a sweet new belt, textured bags and hair baubles can all add up to a hot new look, with your same old clothes.

Some of our favourite fashion mags and websites have rounded up the must-have accessories for fall so you can change it up, without breaking the bank. 

Poppy Lissiman Serpent Worship Clutch Image from

Poppy Lissiman Serpent Worship Clutch
Image from


Here’s what we’re seeing, and what you may want to indulge in for Fall & Winter 2016.

The corset belt As seen at: Prada fall 2016 Image from

The corset belt
As seen at: Prada fall 2016
Image from

Flare gives us 10 Key Accessories to Update Your Look For Fall 2016 and there are some fantastic ones in here! Love that they show a few of each, with a variety of prices, ranging from affordable (for us regular folks) to “Ooh-la-la” for the not-so-regular folks among us. Mostly with accessorizing it’s about finding the pieces that work for you, and whether you find them at high-end stores, discount stores, or vintage shops makes no difference. Well, except in your bank account of course! 

Hue, Ultrasmooth sock Image from

Hue, Ultrasmooth sock
Image from


PopSugar also has a nice little roundup with their 21 Editor-Approved Must Haves to Shop Now That Fall’s Really Here. There are a few “main dishes” in this list, but enough sides to keep you satisfied, and lots of put together looks that let you borrow (ok, steal) ideas on how to make these pieces work with your look and your wardrobe.


The Latest Accessories Trends You Need To Shop Now from Refinery29 gives us some fantastic ideas to add to your fall collection in the form of fun and funky shoes, and structured, textured and interesting bags.

Tory Burch Gemini Link Shoulder Bag Image from

Tory Burch Gemini Link Shoulder Bag
Image from

Jack and Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat Image from

Jack and Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat
Image from


Finally, we have a showcase of Men’s Fall 2016 Fashion Must-Haves from Huffington Post that nails the latest and greatest for men’s accessories. Pro-tip: some of these work for women too – just like some of the women’s accessories can work for men! It’s 2016 (nearly 2017!) and anything goes.

Tiger of Sweden Bomber Jacket Image from

Tiger of Sweden Bomber Jacket
Image from

Suede Chelsea Boots Image from

Suede Chelsea Boots
Image from

So now, do we have you craving any of these side dishes? Are you ready to fill up on any of these looks? Or, do you already have your go-to pieces selected for the season? Let us know how you like to dress up your outfits now that it’s fall!


As always, thank you for reading! Enjoy the week, and we’ll chat at you again on Friday, friends.


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