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Tuesday Tools: Get ‘Em Organized!

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! You made it through Monday, you beautiful people, so congratulations on that accomplishment.

Today we are going to be talking about tools. It’s Tuesday, after all, and Tuesday Tools has a pretty nice ring to it. More specifically we want to talk about the organization of said tools and ways to make things easier for us to actually function on a Monday – or a Tuesday, or any day, really. And, just to be perfectly clear, in case the caffeine has yet to kick in, we are of course talking about hair styling tools. 

If we asked you take stock of your hair styling equipment, what would that look like? Be honest, now! There is probably a hair dryer in your bathroom – standard. Maybe a flat iron? Curling iron? What else? Maybe you have more than one of these tools, and maybe there are other tools you have, things that you only haul out on occasion, when you’re feeling fancy. 

dryerWhere do you keep these items? They’re not exactly the easiest things to store, are they? They’re awkwardly shaped, and some of them are, or can be, pretty large. And, chances are you keep them in a in a room where space is often at a premium, so wouldn’t it be nice to have some solutions for storage for your hair tools?

Never fear, Apartment Therapy to the rescue! 

Check out 6 Easy & Clever Ways to Organize Your Hair Styling Tools (Note that little nod to Aveda in the picture second from the top!)

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Apartment Therapy, this article alone will have you swooning – especially if you’re someone who enjoys the ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ way of life. Apartment Therapy also has fantastic design ideas, before and after stories, and a lot of great tips and tricks for living in your home and making it beautiful.

You can purchase heat styling tool organizers and storage units of course ( has loads of them) but if you’re short on space – or funds – these solutions from Apartment Therapy can do the trick too. And sometimes it’s more fun to DIY and come up with something that works perfectly for your bathroom/bedroom, wherever you do your hair styling.


If you do decide to overhaul your storage system for you hair styling tools, let us know! Leave a comment to tell us what works for you, and any tips or advice you want to pass along.

Enjoy this chilly Tuesday, everyone! See you Friday!

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