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Back in Black…Friday!

Hey, friends. If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear the stealthy sounds of something creeping up on us. It’s not meant to be scary (well, ok, maybe for some of us it is) and it’s only a week away. Any guesses?

Well, to let the cat out of the bag, it’s Black Friday! Yes, one week today, Willow will be having our Black Friday sale!

Now, maybe you’re not familiar with this epic shopping day, and that’s ok. Originally it was a US phenomenon, taking place the day after Thanksgiving, which became (in recent years) the kickoff to the holiday season, and one of the biggest shopping days of the year. There are loads of deals to be had – in store and in person, and also online – and who doesn’t love a deal!

stressfixcremeoilAll the biggest retailers are on the Black Friday train now, and if you’re hardcore, you might find yourself lined up early early EARLY next Friday morning to score some of the best sales. Some like to treat Black Friday shopping as a sport, and we just want to say, as with any sport, please do be careful!

If you’re a fan of saving money, but you don’t really enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn to do so, consider making a quick trip to Willow instead. Get the savings, avoid the intense crowds, and find gifts for friends and family easily. 

Need suggestions? Well, our Willow stylists are there to help, and you can also take a look at some of Aveda’s Greatest Hits to get ideas! stressfixoil

Best Sellers – Discover the top products our guests can’t live without

You can also search under the Gifts section of the website, where you’ll find suggestions by category, (body care, hair care, skin care, etc.) price, and more. 

Everything is on sale with the exception of gift packages, so you are guaranteed to find something for the people on your list!

Or, if you are in the “staunchly opposed to holiday shopping this early” camp, well maybe check out the sale anyway, because perhaps there’s something you might need for yourself. Just sayin’…

And, don’t forget about our food drive to benefit Welcome Inn! The drive is ongoing until late December, and donations get you entered into a draw to win an awesome Aveda gift basket! Pictured here:

Bring your food donations and you'll have a chance to win this beauty!

Bring your food donations and you’ll have a chance to win this beauty!

We look forward to seeing you next week, so make your lists, and mark your calendars! And, in the meantime, have a great weekend! 

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