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Friday Feature: Willow’s Annual Food Drive for Welcome Inn

Good morning, and happy Friday! It’s been QUITE the week, hasn’t it? We know you could definitely use some good news, and luckily for all of us, we have some for you. 

Overflowing already! Thank you for your generosity, and let's keep it going!

Overflowing already! Thank you for your generosity, and let’s keep it going!

You probably know by now that Willow’s annual holiday food drive to benefit Hamilton’s Welcome Inn has begun. And, if you’ve been to the salon this week, you’ll see that there is already one full box filled with food donations. This is outstanding, Willow friends, what an incredible start! We are so very grateful for your generosity, and we’d like this trend to continue. If you’re coming to the salon in November and December, please do bring a donation to the food drive, and not only will you be helping families in our community, you will also be entered into a draw for an incredible Aveda gift basket. 

Bring your food donations and you'll have a chance to win this beauty!

Bring your food donations and you’ll have a chance to win this beauty!

So, you know about the food drive, and you know the items go to the food bank at Welcome Inn, but what you might not know is that Welcome Inn is not only a food bank, there is plenty more going on at this gem in the north end of Hamilton, and we’d like to share some of that with you today.

First, a little bit of background. From their website:

“Since 1966, the poverty of loneliness and exclusion has been overcome with friendship and compassion at Welcome Inn Community Centre, where people from all walks of life work together to alleviate poverty in the North End and across Hamilton.  Each person at Welcome Inn is accepted and welcomed as we are.  We respect one another in our diversity and believe we all have something of value to give and to receive. Together, we build healthy and resilient community.  We offer opportunities for spiritual growth with respect for each person’s spiritual journey and different faith traditions.”

You can read more about the history and evolution of Welcome Inn on the Brief History of Welcome Inn Community Centre page of the website. It’s a handy timeline, that gives a nice overview of their growth and development for the past 50 years.

As you read through the timeline, you’ll see that Welcome Inn has added a number of fantastic programs to their repertoire over the years. There are programs specifically for seniors, an after school program for kids, as well as a summer day camp and an Adventures in Art program. Find more information about programs, the New Horizons Thrift Store and more here.

So now you know. Much, much more than just a food bank, but the food bank is definitely an important part of Welcome Inn. 400 households make use of the food bank each month, and for a list of items most frequently needed, please see this link: Welcome Inn Food Bank.

And, while you’re on the website, take a look around and get to know the people who make the Welcome Inn run smoothly; staff and board members all have profiles on the site, and you can also meet some of the community members who take part in Welcome Inn’s programs and use their services. Find out about upcoming events and news by reading the online newsletters as well, and if you are inspired to help out in a bigger way than donating to the food bank via Willow, you can even contact them for information about volunteer opportunities.

You can also follow Welcome Inn on social media for even more information and newsy items! 

Facebook: Twitter: @WelcomeInnCC

A big thanks to Welcome Inn for all they do for the people of Hamilton, and a big thanks to you for helping out by bringing items to Willow’s annual food drive. We are grateful to you all!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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