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Today is the big day, friends, it’s finally here! Willow’s annual Black Friday/Friends and Family Event is happening TODAY!

We’ve already talked about some of the specials and deals, so we won’t go into those details again, but do be aware that this is an excellent time to do some holiday Aveda shopping!

So now that US Thanksgiving is over, and once the whole Black Friday thing is done, or almost done, do you find that this is the time to get started and get into the holiday spirit? If you celebrate Christmas, maybe you’re a traditionalist and you wait until December 1st to haul out the decorations and start the spirit happening in your house. Or, maybe you’re an early bird and you’ve got it all done by now, and wondering why everyone else is waiting so long. Or, maybe you are somewhere in between, or perhaps even the whole decorating thing just isn’t your scene, but goodness knows you do like a good holiday party. Aha! We knew we’d find some common ground. Almost everyone loves a good party!

And, whether you are a seasoned party veteran and this isn’t your first – or even your twenty-first – bash, or you are throwing your very first ever shindig, there are lots of resources out there to help ensure your guests – and you – have an unforgettable time. 

Getty + Design by Jennifer Chalet Photo from Marie Claire

Getty + Design by Jennifer Chalet
Photo from Marie Claire

If you are looking for a theme for your festive get-together, check out this list from Marie Claire. Some cool themes that have not yet been overdone. Like the tagline says, “Because you can only attend so many ugly sweater parties.” Can we get an Amen?!

Photo from Recipe Rebel via House Beautiful

Photo from Recipe Rebel via House Beautiful

Want something a little out of the ordinary for your holiday fête? blogTO has you covered in their 10 Unusual Ideas for Your Toronto Holiday Party. Blogger’s note: you don’t have to host in Toronto in order to enjoy these ideas! There are likely local resources for the ideas they list in this article, you just might have to do a little digging. 

If you’re really energetic and profesh at the whole entertaining thing, you might want to check out this gallery from House Beautiful. Some of these ideas are for a  Party Planner Level: Expert, but you can always modify, right? Sometimes all you need is a germ of an idea to take it in a whole other, novice and doable direction. (That slow cooker cocktail idea is spot on, though. Mmmmmm) 

Finally, the holiday issue of Food & Drink is now available, and this is one of the best magazines out there for entertaining year round, and especially during the holidays. Pick it up free at the LCBO or read online here.

The holidays are officially upon us, friends, there’s no more denying it. If you’re planning on hosting friends and family during the season, we hope these guides have given you a few ideas for getting started.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Take advantage of those Aveda deals at Willow if you can, and if you do head to the salon to shop, please remember our food drive as well. Happy shopping, happy weekend! Chat with you again on Tuesday.

Photo from Food & Drink

Photo from Food & Drink



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