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Holiday Makeup: The Eyes Have It!

We’re back! It’s Tuesday again, and this is the final blog post of November – now that month has gone quickly, hasn’t it?!

Were you able to get to Willow for the Friends and Family Black Friday event? We hope so! And if you did any other Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, well we hope you stayed safe. Although, judging by the videos that were being released comparing Canadian doorcrasher sales to similar ones in the US, we expect safety was fairly easy to maintain up here. Whew!

Well now that all that is out of the way we can concentrate on what the holidays are really all about. You know we’re talking about: getting dressed up and hitting all the festive parties! And, perhaps a cocktail or two…ok, definitely a cocktail or two!

Seriously, it’s the perfect time to bust out your fave little black dress, taffeta gown, shiny suit, or whatever you like to wear to feel fancy. If you have a party – or a few parties maybe – to attend, it can be fun to try something new, too, maybe in the realm of a new makeup look or a festive updo. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube, of course, and you can always look to past blog posts for some of the videos and tips we’ve featured as well.

But maybe, just maybe, those examples just aren’t fancy enough for what you have planned this season. What to do?!

Well hold on to your candy canes, because we found some killer looks that are beyond festive, and will take your holiday makeup game to a whole other level. Get ready to sparkle and shine, folks!

Check out this amazing roundup from Marie Claire. Stars, gold, and glitter, glitter, everywhere! 

Design by Betsy Farrell Photo from Marie Claire

Design by Betsy Farrell
Photo from Marie Claire

Similar glittery and glitzy looks abound in this brief article from the UK’s Mirror. This article has some product suggestions as well, although do keep in mind it’s a UK publication.

Maybe those just aren’t exciting enough for you, and you really want to step up your game. Allure has you covered with some lovely and whimsical eyelid art for you to try. That little reindeer! Super cute. 

Photo from

Photo from

And guess what? For nearly everything you want to try, you are probably 99.9% guaranteed to find a YouTube video tutorial to help you make it happen. So think outside the smokey eye box this holiday season, and search YouTube and Pinterest for candy cane, mistletoe, Santa Claus, or Christmas holly eye makeup! There are few limits, it seems, for festive makeup looks this year. 

So now you’ve got some ideas, and you’ve got a bit of time to practice too. If you decide to glam it up for your office or other holiday party, be sure to let us know and send us pics! We want to see how creative you get, and we will even feature you and your look here on the blog in an upcoming post! So sharpen those eye pencils, bust out the glitter, and get into the spirit with some grown-up face-painting, friends!

And, before we go, let’s end with a chuckle. We talked briefly about those viral videos showing the carnage of Black Friday sales in Canada, so in case you haven’t seen it, take a look:


Utter madness, folks… Or, you know, not.  🙂

Have a great week, see you Friday!



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