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2016: The Blog Looks Back

Good morning! Welcome back to Friday, and welcome to the very last blog post of 2016! If you’re keeping track (and you probably aren’t, let’s be honest) this is blog post #84 for the year. We started posting twice a week way back in the middle of March, and now here we are at the end of December!


It’s customary, at the end of the old year, to take a look back – a sort of “year in review.” You see this a lot in the news over the last few days of December, where news outlets, magazines, websites, and yes, blogs as well, take a stroll through the various highlights and lowlights of what happened, and sum up the year for us. It’s kind of a nice thing to do, to reflect on the old year’s accomplishments, and make plans for the coming one. Whether you call your ideas for the future resolutions, goals, plans, or even just an old fashioned to-do list, it’s always a good idea to get a handle on where you’ve been, before deciding on where you’re going.


So, in the spirit of year-end wrap-ups everywhere, let’s take a stroll through the Willow Salon blog. What did we talk about for eighty-four posts?! We break it down below, and if you want to revisit any of the 2016 posts, just use the categories listed to find the ones you’re interested in.


Hair, Obvi (Categories: Hair, Care, Creations & Transformations, Trends)

Well, first and foremost, Willow is a hair salon with amazingly talented stylists, so of course we talked about hair. A LOT. We talked trends in styling, cuts, and colour; we talked hair care, and the best products for maintaining the look you want. We looked at Fashion Weeks, and scoured magazines for the up-to-the-minute colours and styles, and we looked at ways to keep our hair looking amazing through one of the hottest summers on record.


Aveda, Always (Categories: Aveda, News, Products)

Aveda had a fantastic year of introducing new products in their hair and skin care lines, and we made sure we brought the information to you as soon as we knew about it. There is nothing like getting the jump on something brand new that could be your skin’s or hair’s new best friend! Aveda brought us Tulasāra for skin, Fōklôr in their makeup line, Dry Remedy and the Invati line for hair, and several others. Here’s hoping there is even more up their sleeves for 2017!


Willow, Of Course! (Categories: Willow Life, Willow After Hours)

We had a lot to celebrate at Willow this year, including our eleventh birthday, and eleventh year in lovely downtown Dundas! For this special occasion, we toasted Willow along with friends and family and some great community businesses at our super fun Open House in May. We also gave back to the community with two successful food drives for Welcome Inn this year, and of course our annual Aveda Walk for Water allows Willow to give back in the larger community too.


Whew! This is just a sampling of some of the topics covered, and posts written, over the year. Overall it’s been a great one, and your blogging team looks forward to keeping the blog fresh, fun, and exciting for 2017 as well!


2017 will likely be another year of growth and change – at Willow and in the larger world, too – and we could not be happier to share it with all of you. We are excited to meet the new year head on, doing what we do best.


A very Happy New Year to you and yours, from all of us at Willow Salon. We hope you have a lovely time ringing in the new year  tomorrow night, whatever your plans are, and we’ll see you back here in January, friends.


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