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Friday Five: Guest Edition!

Good morning! Happy Friday, and happy first weekend of December! Are you excited? A bit terrified? Well, whatever you’re feeling, we can guarantee you’ll feel pretty great after reading this month’s Friday Five.

For the first time ever, the Willow Salon blog is featuring a guest for the Friday Five, and it is, lucky for us, the one-and-only Chris Farias of Kitestring! Now, we introduced Chris and his partner in Kitestring Jenn, when we blogged about Kim’s appearance on their podcast My Better Business Half. And, if you listened to the podcast, you’ll know that Kim and Chris are friends, and not just business acquaintances. In fact the story of how they met – which is revealed in the podcast – is definitely worth knowing! And you’ll also know, if you listen to any of the MBB podcasts, that Chris is a dynamo! So how could we not want to know what he’s up to at any given weekend?!?

And now, without further delay, here is the Friday Five, given the Chris Farias treatment, for your last Friday Five of 2016:

One place

My father was born in the Azores, and I’ve never been. So next year I’m planning a trip to the island of Sao Miguel with my partner Jared. I LOVE Portuguese food, so I’m really looking forward to eating my way across that island!

One thing/outfit

I’m a scarf guy. I have over 100 scarves in my collection. I just bought one that has cats all over it. I’m so excited to wear it, but it has to be the right event. Maybe a charity gala for stray cats? If you know of one, message me. I’m dying to wear it!

One song

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You. I listen to this on repeat. It’s my favourite Christmas song and it makes me so happy every time I hear it. Judge me. I dare you.

One product

I have a fabulous Calvin Klein bathrobe that I probably paid a little too much for. But damn is it soft! Weekends are my down time. I spend the week working my ass off. And wearing pants. So the weekend, for me, is all about recharging – without pants. This is where the bathrobe comes in. If I can spend 48 hours in it, I have succeeded at weekending.

One word that describes the upcoming weekend

Christmas. The word is Christmas. I absolutely LOVE the holiday season and I always start a bit too early with the celebrating. This weekend is all about trimming the tree, cookies, drinks, friends, and Home Alone on repeat.

Amazing. Thanks for playing along, Chris! And thanks as always to all of you for reading.

Now, let’s get the weekend started with Chris’s go-to Christmas song. And don’t worry, Chris. ZERO judgement from us, this is a classic! Have a great weekend, everyone.

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