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Help For the Overindulgent, Cocktails Edition

It’s Friday again, friends! Hooray for the weekend! And, if you celebrate Christmas, you’ll also know that this time next Friday, the countdown to that whole Christmas weekend will have begun!


But don’t worry! You have time for all those last minute things that need to get done, we believe in you!


In the meantime, we know that there are some parties just waiting to happen in these last few days before the big day itself, and, just like with our post about food overindulgence, we are here for you with another installment – this time with a focus on the drinks.

If you’re among the millions of people who occasionally have one drink – or three – too many, you may also be among those millions of people who, upon waking the next day make that all too common vow, “I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN.” And, well, we feel you. To be honest, we ARE you, once in awhile.


And, again, as with the articles about overindulging with food during the holidays, there are lots of those written about how to avoid the dreaded hangover (most of us know that alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks is a good idea, but sometimes in the moment it doesn’t always work out that way) but we’re here to focus on the aftermath. The steps you can take to feel better the next day, even when you literally want to die.


First, before we even start talking about the morning after, we do want to say please do drink responsibly. And by responsibly we mean please plan for a ride home – ie don’t drink and drive – and take care of yourself and others. We love you all, and we want you to be safe! If you’re not drinking at all, you can assist your friends who might have just one too many by ensuring they have a safe way to get home, and that they are safe in the party environment as well.


Now, on to the remedies! 


Here Are 31 Weird Hangover “Cures” That People Swear By

Let’s start with this one from Refinery29, because it not only has some great tips, but also one of the best opening lines: “Hey there, welcome back to hell.” A bit of humour can go a long way to helping ease your pain. You know, sometimes. At any rate, it’s a good long list of things to try!


Marie Claire offers us 10 Expert-Approved Secrets to Hack Your Hangover, and while a lot of these are nothing truly new, if you’re no stranger to the hangover, it’s still nice to see them listed officially, in black and white, on the internet, to confirm and validate that yes, you’re doing it right!


Best Health Mag gives us 10 Hangover Cures Every Grown Woman Should Know, with tips from a Pharmacist and a Naturopath, and here is a fun infographic, showing some hangover remedies from around the world. Sour pickle juice? Hmmm….maybe…?


So while most of these tips and ideas involve food, other beverages, painkillers, sleep and more, there is one other thing that, according to science, might be the best remedy of all: exercise.


Yup, and as Refinery29 says Unfortunately, Exercise Should Probably Be Your Hangover Cure. Harper’s Bazaar also has a little bit about this whole exercise thing, with the tagline we can probably all agree on: Why would they do this to us?


So whether it’s a raw egg and worcestershire sauce, an ice pack and some Advil, or a nice long run, everyone has their tried and true go-to for what will help them in the cold light of day, on the morning after the bash to end all bashes. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments!


Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay as warm as possible, and please, as we said earlier, if you’re drinking, stay safe. Cheers!


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