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The Holidays and the Importance of Self-Care

We are getting down to the proverbial wire, aren’t we? The big day of all big days is less than a week away, and if you’re still at the point where there is shopping to do, baking to do, cards to write, dinners to plan, more shopping to do…you might actually need a break from it all, what do you say?


Well, we can’t actually magically cross off everything on your to-do list – although we would love to be able to do that for you, truly – we can offer up the next best thing and that is a great resource that can help you with some much-needed self-care during the last minute rush.


Self-care – basically taking care of oneself – is always important, of course, but the holidays can pile on the stress, and remembering to make sure YOU are taken care of is essential. You may have heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” which is a poetic way of saying if you are running on empty, there is no way you can help others. You need reserves in order to be able to do all the things you want to do, and all the things people expect of you, throughout the holidays. So taking time to listen to what your body and your mind require is more important than ever.


As adults, most of us know what we need in the areas of self-care, but sometimes, when we’re pulled in a lot of different directions, those thoughts go right out the window, and then we are left feeling helpless, stressed out, and not sure how to take things from here. This can lead to all sorts of negative health and well-being issues, and in order to help you avoid these situations, Aveda has something that might be able to help.


Introducing Mister Chakra, an interactive guide that offers wellness rituals and provides information about balancing aromas that can help you focus, centre, and be mindful. The perfect accompaniment to the season. From the website:


“At Aveda, we draw on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old healing tradition from India, that helps us balance our chakras — 7 spinning wheels of energy — that affect our health, well-being and beauty. Mr. Chakra is your guide to the chakra system. He’s here to help you learn about chakras, related wellness rituals and chakra balancing aromas, that can support you in discovering the beauty of a balanced life.”


Doesn’t that sound fantastic?


Visit the site and click on any of the chakras to learn more about them, and what they relate to in your body. Then, click on Wellness Ritual, for a meditation, a mantra, a breathing exercise, and some information on nutrition that can help balance the selected chakra.


There is a lot of info packed into this lovely site, and we encourage you to check it out often throughout the remainder of the holiday season. A daily visit to explore one or more chakras can make all the difference when you’re feeling at the end of your tether with the crowds, the long lines in the stores, and even some of those relatives that can get on your last nerve.


The holidays should be about fun, family, friends and relaxation. Let Mister Chakra help, it’s what he was designed for, after all.

Wishing you bliss and a stress-free rest of the week, friends. See you back here Friday!


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